Online Meetup #3 — Halloween Special with, Weaveworks and Buoyant

Happy Halloween from! Today we hosted an online meetup with some of our cloud-native friends Thomas from Buoyant (the makers of Linkerd) and Stefan from Weaveworks (makers of Flagger and Flux) along with guest speaker Derrick Burns from, a non-profit building software to make diabetes data accessible to patients for better care.

In today’s meetup, Derrick shared what his team has been working on over the last year in migration the Tidepool platform from a custom built infrastructure tooling to popular open source technologies. He talked about the education process to their team and to the FDA in building healthcare technology with open source. After Derrick’s talk we had open Q&A and discussion around the journey so far (including HIPAA compliance with service mesh!) and what’s next (progressive delivery).

Watch the meetup replay here:–2o

Get the slides here:

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Hop into our community slack with any questions and you can watch the replay or download the slides below — see you next time!

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