Announcing’s company values

After months of discussions, drafts, and focus groups, I am thrilled to announce’s company values to the world. 

One of the key reasons we set out establishing these values was to get people excited about Solo as an employer. We’re visionary in our products and solutions – how we hire and retain talent should be visionary, too. We want employees and job seekers to feel like they’re a part of forging a new path at their company. 

Developing these values took us through multiple steps, starting with an employee survey aimed at understanding what employees value and how they describe our culture. Then we held focus groups to hone in on the themes that arose from the survey. I also talked with our leadership team extensively to get their take. 

Bringing all of these inputs together shaped our four core values. The timing for these couldn’t be better – at 182 employees, we have grown 140% in the last year. We’re at a tipping point, reaching a size where the culture that has been created will be reinforced – and it will be more challenging to change down the road as we continue to grow. 

Solo company values 


solo culture

There were several factors we made sure to incorporate into our values: a sense of balance between collaborating effectively and working quickly, a focus on the future, a customer-first approach, and a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens through which to view it all. We wanted our values to be true to who we are, unique, and memorable.

We landed on these values: 

 Get Stuff Done: We own our work, learn from our mistakes, and deliver exceptional customer outcomes with urgency.

 Work as One: We are inclusive and collaborative with our colleagues and our customers, creating collective success.

 Define the Future: We creatively solve for the now and innovate for the future so our company and our customers are always one step ahead.

 Lead with Integrity: We act with respect, honesty, and openness with each other and our customers.

We’ll continue finding more ways to embed these values into our culture and initiatives as we grow as a company, from incorporating them into how we make decisions, to helping our prospects and customers realize the value they need out of their solutions. 

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