Delivering Business Value with Istio

Istio is an ideal platform for development and operations teams to manage distributed, cloud native applications at large scale across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. With a rich set of features supporting security, observability, and service resiliency, Istio is the go-to option for organizations adopting a service mesh in Kubernetes.

Building on the huge deployment base of production users, the Istio community continues to evolve and innovate with its acceptance into the CNCF and introduction of Ambient Service Mesh.

While Istio has enjoyed huge popularity with technologists in the Kubernetes community, it can be challenging for non-technical users to ramp up and fully understand the many ways Istio can help. In this webinar, we will review the fundamentals of Istio with an eye toward mapping Istio’s powerful capabilities to tangible business value in your organization. After this session, you will understand how Istio can be used to:

  • Increase your security posture against expensive, reputation-damaging security threats
  • Improve service resiliency to avoid downtime and service interruptions
  • Develop operational intelligence and gain business insight into disparate services in your cloud native architecture

Whether you are new to Istio or an experienced user, this webinar will help you connect the power of Istio to the business goals of your organization.

This webinar took place on January 25 at 11am EST. Access the session recording by completing the form on this page.

Duration: 40min

Speaker: Keith Babo, Solo.io Product Manager

Delivering Business Value with Istio
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