Service Mesh Resource Kit

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that helps manage and secure communications between microservices within a distributed application.

By abstracting away the complexity of service-to-service interactions, a service mesh provides critical features such as traffic management, load balancing, service discovery, and robust security policies.

This enables developers to focus on writing business logic without worrying about the intricacies of service communication, ultimately enhancing application performance, reliability, and scalability while simplifying operations and improving observability.

Download our curated service-mesh-centric resource kit to gain access to three informative resources:

Service Mesh Buyers Guide

Our buyers guide offers a robust breakdown of a service mesh’s most critical capabilities, from control plane functions to enterprise support. The guide compares these capabilities between six of the top service mesh providers available today, evaluating which providers are best suited to meet a variety of unique business needs.

How Service Mesh Supports a Zero Trust Architecture

As organizations increasingly adopt zero trust architecture, service mesh will become essential for implementing and enforcing zero trust principles. It ensures secure, reliable, and observable inter-service communication, aligning with zero trust requirements.

13 Must Have Features to Adopting a Zero Trust Model

To evaluate service mesh technologies, as well as your business’s approach to zero trust, use our checklist to keep your application connections safe.

Service Mesh Resource Kit
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