API Gateway Resource Kit

An API gateway is a tool that serves as a single point of contact for external API consumers, internal APIs, and microservices.

API gateways are critical for enforcing security policies to protect against threats and for efficiently routing traffic between API producers and consumers.

By providing insights into API usage and performance, allowing for seamless communication between clients and services with different protocols, and load balancing for enhanced availability, they free up time for other business priorities.

Download our curated API gateway resource kit to gain access to three informative pieces:

API Gateway Buyers Guide

Our buyers guide offers a robust breakdown of an API gateway’s most critical capabilities, from architecture to observability and monitoring. The guide compares these capabilities between five of the top API gateway providers available today, evaluating which providers are best suited to meet a variety of unique business needs.

Gloo Gateway Datasheet

With the growing demand for digital experiences that necessitate APIs, businesses need modern API management that can help. Gloo Gateway was built to support the distributed nature of modern applications and empower users to further innovate.

Top 7 API Capabilities to Adopt

To evaluate API gateway technologies, there are 7 key criteria to consider. This infographic provides an overview of each.

API Gateway Resource Kit
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