Establishing zero trust security for modern cloud architectures

How your organization can ensure safer cloud architecture by applying a zero trust network security model

In this eBook, we outline concepts for evolving your security approach to address these dynamic environments for your modern applications.

Modern application architectures have evolved from static monoliths to distributed microservices, typically running on containers and Kubernetes, and often across multiple zones such as on premises or in a public cloud. This trend is now combined with new methodologies like DevOps, CI/CD, and GitOps to increase the rate of software innovation. The ripple effects of these changes are being felt across every functional area of IT and challenging traditional operational models for provisioning, updates, monitoring, management, and security.

New application architectures require more than changes to code. The paradigm for operations and security must also shift to account for the disruption caused by the architectural changes. Modern applications challenge previous security conventions but have also spawned a new ecosystem of open source and commercial technologies that address these scenarios.


Establishing zero trust security for modern cloud architectures EBOOK
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