Driving Business Value with Istio

How a service mesh can help your organization simplify the adoption of a distributed architecture

Whether we’re talking to our customers, community members, or other experts in the field, what we hear consistently is that their major hurdles with application modernization are security, resiliency, and observability.

Organizations are at a major point of transition, moving from monolithic applications to microservices. That’s with good reason – microservices allow for greater agility and faster delivery and time-to-deployment, increasing customer satisfaction and streamlining business operations.

The challenge with microservices, when compared to application servers, is that security, resiliency, and observability are down to each one of the individual teams managing the different microservices – there’s no default uniformity or consistency.

A service mesh is an infrastructure layer that aids in communication between services or microservices using a proxy. Istio is a service mesh that helps organizations address and simplify many of the common issues associated with a distributed architecture.

In the following eBook, we’ll walk through what those challenges are, how a service mesh can help, and why Istio in particular is the right solution.

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Driving Business Value with Istio EBOOK
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