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Google Cloud Platform

Gloo solutions on Google Cloud help organizations take charge of securing their containerized applications as they scale in the GCP ecosystem. This includes both API gateway capabilities using Gloo Gateway and the Istio service mesh functionality in Gloo Mesh to secure both external and internal application communications.

Addressing security concerns in a cloud-native application, especially within Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environments, presents unique challenges. GKE users often deal with a combination of self-managed Kubernetes clusters, GKE services, and serverless functions that require seamless coordination.’s collaboration with Google Cloud and GKE, helps users streamline their digital transformation. Our solutions empower organizations to swiftly deploy microservices across Google Cloud’s expansive infrastructure, all while retaining comprehensive oversight and control over their distributed systems. This partnership ensures a secure and efficient journey towards cloud-native excellence.

It’s easy for users to get started using Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh across their Google Cloud environment with integrations to services such as GKE and Google Cloud Monitoring across the Gloo portfolio. Both Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh also address the unique security concerns around cloud-native workloads within GCP/GKE environments including the self-management of Kubernetes clusters, navigating and coordinating GKE services with existing environments with built in security, authentication and policy management features across the Gloo portfolio. 

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Gloo on GCP Integrations

Gloo products on GKE provide a cloud native API gateway and enterprise grade  multi-cluster Istio service mesh for GKE

  • Gloo Gateway can route to all your services on GKE
  • Gloo Mesh can simplify service mesh deployment of single or multi-regions GKE deployments

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