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Solo makes it easy to get started using Gloo Platform features in your AWS environment with integrations to services such as EKS and Lambda

Managing security in a cloud native application introduces new challenges that can be complex to control. WS customers may have a mix of self-managed Kubernetes on Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, and AWS Lambda that need to work together.

With Solo and AWS, customers can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by quickly and easily deploying microservices and serverless functions to AWS’s global infrastructure, while maintaining full visibility and control of their distributed systems.

Using the Gloo Platform helps organizations take charge of securing their containerized applications as they scale in the AWS ecosystem. This includes both API gateway and Istio service mesh functionality to secure both external and internal application communications.

Gloo Platform And Aws Vertical

Gloo Platform and AWS Integrations


Gloo Platform provides a cloud native API gateway and enterprise Istio service mesh for EKS

  • Gloo Gateway can route to all your services on EKS
  • Gloo Mesh can simplify service mesh deployment on EKS


Gloo Platform supports multiple features to help you seamlessly invoke Lambda functions from your Gloo environment

  • Permissions
  • Discovery
  • Routing
  • Transformations
  • Multitenancy
  • Arch Amazon EKS Anywhere 64

    EKS Anywhere

    Gloo Platform also works with your on-premises EKS instances

    • Discover meshes/workloads
    • Establish federated identity
    • Global traffic routing and load balancing
    • Access control policy
    • Centralized observability

    Gloo is exceptional in its function-level routing, its support for legacy apps, microservices, and serverless applications. It can easily run on AWS using AWS App Mesh.

    — Frédéric Médery, AWS Solutions Architect, AWS

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    Reduce complexity while increasing security, reliability, and observability for your applications with Gloo Platform.