New ebook: Zero trust security and current market options

As the zero trust security (ZTS) model continues to evolve due to increasing security challenges, so does the market for solutions. 

Organizations need robust, comprehensive tools to help them implement zero trust as they expand their cloud computing, mobility, and IoT capabilities. 

Our newest ebook explains the history and principles of zero trust security and the best options for organizations looking to enforce them. 

Zero trust security and current market options

Understanding zero trust security

Zero trust security assumes every transaction needs to be validated and ensures that access to a network only happens after verification and authorization – and even then, access is limited. By default, all your resources are inaccessible and isolated from users. 

Prior to this model, perimeter-based security was the most popular security model. It relied on firewalls, antivirus, and related technologies to protect organizations. That meant anyone with access credentials through a VPN or geographically present behind the firewall was trusted – leaving organizations vulnerable. 

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Today, zero trust adoption is more popular than ever, and has even been included in cybersecurity-related executive orders from the Biden Administration. That also means there are more components than ever, necessitating a robust market for solutions. 

Assessing the zero trust security market

The ZTS market drivers, which are both proactive based on threats and reactive to new trends and policies, are often categorized as security insight, organization size, deployment insight, remote workforce, and compliance requirements.

The features that solutions have to address these drivers include: 

  • Network segmentation
  • Identity and access management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Endpoint protection
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Security analytics

These features should work together to achieve comprehensive security. 

To better understand drivers and solutions, download the ebook “The evolution of zero trust security and the current market options.”