Introducing Our ISV Accelerate Partnership with AWS and AWS ISV Accelerate Partnership: Delivering highly scalable service mesh and API gateway solutions for AWS EKS customers

We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with AWS through the ISV Accelerate program. With validated solutions in the AWS environment, the ability to leverage Solo software purchases against EDP commitments, consolidated billing, and increased visibility into IT spend, we are committed to empowering organizations with the tools they need for success.  We are also pleased to share that our products are now available in the AWS Marketplace, including a free trial and private offers for a seamless experience.

Customers can maximize their investment with:

Validated Solutions in the AWS Environment:
As a result of our partnership with AWS, our Gloo Platform has undergone rigorous validation processes in the AWS environment. This validation ensures that our software seamlessly integrates with AWS services such as EKS and Lambda, providing customers a reliable and optimized experience. 

Leveraging Software Purchase against EDP Commit:
Customers can now benefit from applying their software purchases against their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment with pre-negotiated private pricing transacted in the AWS Marketplace. This enables organizations to make the most out of their IT budget while leveraging our powerful software solutions to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

Streamlined Billing and Visibility into IT Spend:
We recognize the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing multiple vendors and subscriptions. With our integration into the AWS Marketplace, customers can also benefit from consolidated billing, making transacting easier and more efficient while allowing organizations to have a clear and comprehensive view of their IT spend.

Leading industry innovation for reducing cost: Ambient Mesh on EKS
Solo is the co-creator of Ambient Mesh — a new sidecar-less architecture of Istio— and will bring this innovation first to EKS customers later in 2023. Preliminary testing shows up to 90% memory cost savings when compared to traditional Istio deployments at scale. 

We are proud to be an ISV Accelerate partner of AWS, bringing enhanced value and benefits to our customers. With this new collaboration we look forward to delivering even more value to our customers by building meaningful integrations and differentiated solutions on the robust AWS platform. Through this partnership, we aim to drive go-to-market initiatives, co-sell opportunities, and provide enhanced benefits to our valued customers. We look forward to continuing our journey with AWS and delivering exceptional outcomes for our customers in the evolving digital landscape.

Visit the AWS Marketplace today to explore our solutions and start your free trial or explore private offers. Together, we can drive innovation and achieve transformative results for your business.