New buyer’s guide on API security

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are core building blocks of how services communicate with each other. Securing this communication is critical for helping to prevent security breaches. 

Building API security into your organization’s API framework makes this prevention even easier. Read our buyer’s guide to better understand what components your API management solution needs – or read on for an overview.

Understanding APIs

The transition to cloud native environments means that applications are more distributed than ever, opening up new opportunities for security risks. Every API inquiry must be authenticated and authorized to mitigate that risk. 

An API gateway is a reverse proxy, serving as a centralized access point between incoming requests and an application’s services. Using an API gateway isn’t new, but they have gotten more complex in the cloud native space. 

That’s why identifying the right API management solution is so important. 

API management solutions

Our buyer’s guide compares the most popular API management tools. Included are: 

  • Apigee
  • Kong Gateway
  • Red Hat 3scale API Management
  • AWS API Gateway
  • Azure API Management
  • Solo Gloo Platform

Other considerations 

Getting the right tool for your API security extends beyond ease of use and how it’s built. Also consider a solution that offers: 

  • Zero trust security: Every request is fully vetted and communication is secured.
  • Flexibility: Cloud native applications allow for secure access through multiple paths.
  • Integrations: Existing platforms integrate well to maximize value and mitigate tool sprawl.
  • Simplicity: No further complexity is added to your application deployment.
  • Visibility: There is insight into any blocked activity, as well as performance statistics. 

Want to know which API security solution includes all of these considerations – and uses the best API gateway technology? Download our buyer’s guide today.

Buyers guide to api security