AWS Workshop: Learn to Secure and Manage Your Application Network with Gloo

At, our commitment lies in enhancing the speed and agility of enterprise application development. As an AWS partner, we prioritize meeting our customers where they are most comfortable. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the workshop, now accessible on This workshop is meticulously crafted to equip tech enthusiasts, developers, and DevOps professionals with the essential skills required to simplify and secure the configuration, operation, and visibility of the network traffic within distributed applications.

In this self-paced lab, participants will explore a wide array of concepts and techniques, from routing traffic through a Kubernetes-native API Gateway, enhancing application security with mTLS, and enforcing the coveted zero trust networking security model for your workloads running on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters.

Participants will learn the following concepts to secure and manage the application network using Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh:

  • Process and route traffic through an API Gateway
  • Authenticate and control traffic
  • Encrypt and enforce zero trust security
  • Improve network resiliency
  • Gather metrics and observe traffic patterns

Participants will also learn how to apply various Gloo policies for improving network resiliency, traffic control, and security, and to use Gloo’s dashboards to gain insights for monitoring applications, including health insights, policy implementation, debugging tools, and network traffic visualization.

Get Started

The workshop on is a must-attend for those considering running EKS at scale leveraging the power of Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh. Explore the workshop today.