Optimize AWS Workloads with Istio’s Ambient Mode

Organizations that use Istio with AWS work more efficiently, reduce workload complexity, and lower their costs. As we covered in another blog post, a service mesh like Istio helps AWS customers manage their applications and enable security.

Istio’s new ambient mode offers an innovative approach to service mesh, offering a sidecar-less approach to traffic management that further optimizes AWS workloads. Companies can more easily evolve their operations as their needs change.

Reducing Costs and Resource Consumption

Replacing the traditional sidecar model with ambient mode lowers company expenses by minimizing the number of proxies to manage – at scale, that can result in lower compute and memory requirements. There’s also no need for restarting or reconfigurations when adding new applications to the mesh. Sometimes ambient mode implementation has no additional cost.

Enhancing Observability and Security

Since ambient mode is node-based, allows for network traffic tracing, and supports various traffic types due to its L4-based approach, there is greater observability without needing expertise or development time. Ambient mode also offers mutual TLS and access control.

Offering Efficient Performance and Scalability

Due to the way ambient mode is designed, it becomes more efficient as applications scale. Growing businesses remain nimble and can focus on innovation.

The Solo and AWS Ambient Mode EKS Add-on

Istio’s ambient mode represents the ideal way for companies to reduce operational costs and complexity in AWS.

In our AWS and ambient mode white paper, we explore how Istio’s ambient mode offers a seamless approach to managing service communication, enhancing flexibility and simplifying deployments in large scale complex environments. Download the white paper now.