Application Networking Day at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

We’re looking forward to joining another action-packed week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023. This year not only can you find us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, we are also hosting another Application Networking Day featuring sessions on Istio, Ambient, eBPF, and Cilium.

KubeCon Europe + CloudNativeCon

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon will bring together about 10,000 participants to talk about cloud native computing over four days. The event includes community building and knowledge sharing opportunities, access to the latest technologies, products, and services, and career development. Interested participants can also join online is excited to be part of the event in several key ways. 

Book signing

Lin and Christian book KubeCon NA 2022

Meet Lin Sun and Christian Posta, authors of Istio Ambient Mesh Explained, who will be signing and giving away copies of their book on the show floor during KubeCrawl on Wednesday, April 19.

Visiting our booth

Meet with the Solo team at booth #G9 as they provide demos of Gloo Platform. They’ll discuss with visitors how our products enable application networking use cases for Kubernetes, API gateway, and service mesh.

Take a spin of our prize wheel to win one of several awesome SWAG prizes. 

Our sessions

Hear from members of our team at the following sessions:

  • Thursday, April 20, 14:30 – 15:05: Ephemeral Clusters as a Service with ClusterAPI and GitOps
    There are growing pains with adopting GitOps at scale – particularly with observability and security. Learn how to address this complexity with open source tools like ClusterAPI, ArgoCD and Prometheus+Thanos to manage clusters.
  • Thursday, April 20, 15:25 – 16:00: Exiting Ingress 201: A Primer on Extension Mechanisms in Gateway API
    Gateway API standardizes traffic routing and other key features, and is now treating extension points and future API capabilities in the same way, limiting the need for ingress controllers to use custom annotations or implementation-specific mechanisms. Learn how these mechanisms work and how they fit into the overall interface.
  • Friday, April 21, 14:55 – 15:30: Developing a Mental Model of Istio: From Kubernetes to Sidecars to Ambient
    Go from understanding basic Kubernetes abstractions to understanding how Istio enhances or extends them. From learning about the sidecar model, learn about waypoints with Istio ambient mesh. This session will guide attendees on their own path toward understanding the mental model of Istio.

Application Networking Day

Application Networking Day

CEO Idit Levine presenting at Application Networking Day in 2022.

Like Application Networking Day in Detroit in October 2022, Application Networking Day with Istio, Ambient, eBPF and Cilium in Amsterdam is proving to be one of the most popular co-located events at KubeCon. 

The world of application networking is changing fast. Learn about what’s new with open source application networking technologies including Istio, Ambient, Cilium, and eBPF, and how to use them together to better power your applications.

This event includes one full day of technical sessions presented by end users and industry leaders from across the cloud native ecosystem concurrent with live, hands-on workshops so you can try out the technologies as you learn.

Application Networking Day sessions include:

  • The Future of Application Networking with Istio, Ambient, eBPF, and Cilium
  • WORKSHOP: Get Started with Istio
  • The Future of API Management
  • WORKSHOP: Get Started with Cilium
  • Istio Ambient Service Mesh Made Easy
  • Understanding Istio Ambient Mesh Security
  • WORKSHOP: Network Foundations
  • WORKSHOP: Get Started with Istio Ambient Mesh
  • GlooOps – Managing Gloo Platform the Gitops Way
  • Automate Your Cloud Like a Service Mesh
  • Evolution of Istio – From Sidecars to Ambient
  • Adapting to Ambient with Gloo Platform
  • Panel Discussion: Application Networking, Istio, and Ambient in the Community
  • Multilayered Security: Combining Istio Authorization & CNI Network Policies
  • Enhancing Istio Ambient Mesh with eBPF

View the complete agenda – and session descriptions – here.

While Application Networking Day is currently at capacity, due to overwhelming demand, you can add yourself to the waitlist and we will notify you if a seat becomes available.