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API Gateways have been important for years, but legacy solutions are showing their age

As organizations increase their reliance on API microservices and container-based architectures, they’re finding that legacy API gateways fall short in regard to scalability, traffic management, security, and observability. To support the evolving needs of modern enterprises, API gateways need to evolve in areas such as Kubernetes support, microservices, multi-cloud deployments, and cloud native innovation.

But how can you define the gaps between the legacy API gateway and the features of a next gen API gateway built for the rigors of today’s containers and microservices? A modern API gateway should be build to support the following requirements:

  • Modern, Kubernetes- and cloud-native
  • Supportive of today’s application architectures – Flexible and extensible across operating environments
  • Capable of Zero Trust security – Highly scalable and less resource intensive
  • Able to integrate into DevOps/GitOps workflows

In this eBook, we highlight the four most prevalent API gateway solution architectures, gain an understanding of their strengths and shortcomings in meeting the demands of your cloud native applications, and take a look at how Solo Gloo Gateway addresses the next generation challenge.

Download this eBook to see why it’s time to move to a modern, Kubernetes-native API Gateway platform.

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