Service Mesh Vendor Comparison

See how top vendors with Istio-based service mesh offerings compare

In deploying service mesh for large customers who are challenged to meet strategic goals, we have found that Istio-based platforms deliver the most value for even the most complex situations.

Service-to-service connectivity across a hybrid environment comes with its challenges. Typical enterprise environments consist of containers, Kubernetes, VMs, bare metal, home-grown software, off-the-shelf software, across private clouds, public clouds, and even mainframes. In order to overcome challenges with application-level networking across a footprint like this, we must take into account this inherent complexity, legacy, and sprawl.

What we’ve observed in the market for the last four years is an organization’s demand for ease of use, consistency, and support for a hybrid environment:

  • Ease of use
  • Improved developer and operations productivity
  • Intent-based declarative configuration and GitOps workflows
  • Consistent, multi-cluster operations with tenancy
  • Hybrid/multi-cloud deployments, irrespective of underlying technology
  • Deep expertise and leadership in the service mesh ecosystem and bringing that directly to our customers

Download this eBook to see how other vendors with Istio-based offerings for service mesh stack up against these needs.

Service Mesh Vendor Comparison
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