Financial Services

Refactoring API Management with Gloo Gateway for Cost Savings, Multi-cloud Capabilities, Achieving Zero Trust, and Increasing Revenue

Gloo Gateway is the foundation for all cloud networking capabilities in the customer's new SaaS platform built on AWS and ready to scale to a multi-cluster, multi-cloud deployment.

Discover how unifying the API gateway and service mesh can help.

Learn how a leading data analytics company, with a focus on credit scoring services, successfully refactored their API management strategy using Gloo Gateway. As they aim for an ambitious 10-fold increase in online revenue from $1.5 billion to $10 billion annually, explore how their modernization journey involves strategic choices in cloud-native innovations, security models, and operational efficiency to achieve these lofty goals.

If your organization is in the financial services sector and you’re facing challenges around scaling, API management, and achieving a secure and efficient operational state, this case study is a must-read.

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Financial Services CASE STUDY