Your Calendar for August 2019

With summer coming to a close, our team is gearing up to hit the road and hop online to share with you the latest in Kubernetes, Service Mesh and more. Our fall calendar of events and webinars is now live on our website with more talks being added — and contact us with any questions or requests! Save these dates in your calendar and share with a friend.

Idit Levine Keynote at | August 15, 2019

Location: Boston University, George Sherman Union

Register Here (this event is free to attend)

Idit Levine will be giving a keynote to address the microservices evolution and the new opportunities available to developers and the ecosystem.

Abstract: In the migration to microservices, new technologies emerged — especially open source technologies that are suited specifically for distributed environments. Containers, orchestration and more have created new abstractions that allow teams to build and share applications faster and to automate their deployment across distributed systems. The speed and agility gained have outweighed the complexities introduced with new abstractions. The new challenge is to go beyond the early stages of the software lifecycle and focus on closing the loop through to operations. See how new abstractions like service mesh can be leveraged to solve progressive delivery, debugging, troubleshooting, observability and application resilience challenges in new ways.

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup Series in Eastern Canada | August 21–29

We are excited to meet and mingle with fellow Kubernetes and Cloud Native enthusiasts in Eastern Canada this month. Many thanks to our organizers Carol and Archy for fostering the local community and for the opportunity to share what is doing for Kubernetes and Service Mesh environments.

Check out the dates and locations here:

AUG 21 | Montreal | REGISTER HERE

Nuance Communications — 650 Boul de Maisonneuve O, 8th Fl, Montreal, QC


Survey Monkey — 200 Laurier Ave W 5th Floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 6M7

AUG 27 | Toronto | ATTEND MEETUP

Connected — 370 King St W #304, Toronto, ON

NOTE: To get to the office, enter the Hyatt building and take the office elevators to the third floor.

AUG 29 | Kitchener-Waterloo |ATTEND MEETUP

Shopify — 57 Erb St W, Waterloo, ON

What’s on the agenda? Scott Cranton will talk about how we leveraged Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes to build and operationalize Gloo Gateway, a multipurpose yet lightweight gateway for APIs, Knative serving and Kubernetes Ingress that seamlessly integrates to Service Mesh with the Service Mesh Hub — a mesh agnostic dashboard for installing and operating meshes. We will cover how the pluggable and extensible architecture of both Gloo and Service Mesh Hub make it easy to use and build to for your Kubernetes based applications. Demos included for to show how to work with Gloo and Service Mesh Hub for Kubernetes and Istio environments

Felix Roberge of D-Teck Solutions, joins the meetup agenda to share how they are using Gloo, Kubernetes and Google Cloud. As an HR tech startup, D-Teck leads the science of psychometric assessments and making them universally accessible through their software platform to help businesses make better, more informed HR decisions. One year ago, they approached building a software platform and had the opportunity to evaluate the latest open source technology available. D-Teck started on a journey to build the software platform from the ground up using the latest in cloud-native and open source technologies. This talk will cover the multiple phases of their journey to production with Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Gloo, Helm, Terraform, gRPC and more with lessons learned and adjustments along made along the way.

Meetup: San Diego Kuberentes

Thursday, August 22nd at 6:30pm Pacific | JOIN HERE

Join Christian Posta, Field CTO and Lachlan Evanson, Open Source Program Director at Microsoft for an evening of Service Mesh and Service Mesh Interface Specification.

Webinar: What’s New in Gloo Enterprise

Tuesday, August 27th at 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern | REGISTER HERE

July and August are busy months for Gloo, our next generation API Gateway, Kubernetes Ingress Controller and Knative Serving solutions that helps teams on their migration to microservices. Join this webinar to get the details on the latest releases for Gloo Enterprise and a demo to see to use and operate them in the refreshed dashboard UI.

Submit your questions or suggestions for future topics here

Online Meetup #2

Thursday, August 29th at 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern | JOIN THE GROUP

Join Rick Ducott, Director of Engineering here at as he goes over the new features in our open source projects in July and August and shares what’s coming next. Additionally principal engineer Scott Weiss will be presenting on Solo-Kit, an open-source sdk that we authored for building cloud-native applications. Solo-Kit provides a set of libraries and a code generation utility that provide a framework for building “controllers”. See how we build Solo with Solo-Kit!

There’s more to come so stay tuned and check our events page often. If you are interested in having a speaker at your event, contact us at