Webinar Recap – Customize and Extend Envoy Proxy with WebAssembly

Did you know that Envoy Proxy is the go-to proxy for cloud-native environments because of its speed and extensibility. This has made it a popular choice as a proxy at the edge and as sidecars for service mesh. Envoy Proxy’s extensibility comes in the form of filters which are written in CPP and compiled directly into an instance of Envoy. This limits the accessibility to developers who know CPP and requires maintaining and shipping different versions of the Envoy Proxy code. WebAssembly support is working to make this process easier and accessible to more people by allowing filters to be built in your favorite language (CPP, Rust, TinyGo and more), precompiled into WASM, and then run in a WASM vm inside of Envoy.

In this webinar, Christian Posta and Scott Weiss explain:

  • What is WebAssembly, use cases and benefits
  • How to build, share and use Envoy filters with WebAssembly
  • Overview of WebAssembly Hub
  • And demos to show the workflows

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