Webinar Recap – ParkMobile Builds for Scale with Kubernetes, Gloo and AWS Cloud

ParkMobile is the leading provider of parking solutions in the US with a mission to power smart mobility for every driver and vehicle, everywhere. Located in 7 cities across the country, ParkMobile helps their 16M+ customers park smarter every year.  Like many other companies that experience this kind of growth, the team looked at the infrastructure and environment that built the business over the past decade and then considered what was needed to support ParkMobile’s vision for the next decade. Their evolution to a platform company serves not only end consumers but also an ecosystem of application vendors and owners of parking inventory.

An Engineering Vision that Enable Business

The ParkMobile team led by CTO Matt Ball embarked on a journey to make an engineering vision a reality that focused on four core tenants:

  • Cloud first infrastructure for scale and elasticity
  • Domain and microservices architecture
  • Cloud-Native design patterns
  • High performing and reliable products and services

Implementing the vision included evaluating, deploying and operationalizing new technology and making sure that it also accommodated their existing IT portfolio and the over 100 integrations in their ecosystem from EV Charging, Payment Processing, Event Control Access, Parking Availability and more to their platform. This hybrid and diverse reality is no stranger to anyone in enterprise IT.

From Vision to Reality

This recorded webinar features Matt Ball, Chris Salomon, Anthony Mallica and Rafael Ramirez as they share how they approached this modernization initiative, the technology evaluation process, results from the different stages of implementation and what’s next.

In selecting Kubernetes as a core part of their infrastructure, their evaluation criteria led them to Gloo to serve as their Kubernetes native API Gateway. See why ParkMobile chose Gloo:

  • Ease of Use in implementation and ongoing support
  • Kubernetes Native leverages existing Kubernetes infrastructure, concepts and knowledge
  • Infrastructure as Code as Gloo allowed dev teams to manage their own endpoints and configs through GitOps within ops guardrails
  • Scalability that is seamless with the needs of the application to handle 100,000 request per minute without added infrastructure and minimal overhead
  • Security at Scale allowed for isolation between devs and secure access with RBAC
  • Value with minimal added infrastructure footprint with high performance and throughput

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