Webinar Recap – Envoy Proxy and Modern API Gateway Architecture

Today’s application modernization projects including serverless, Kubernetes and microservices involve more than just how applications are written and deployed, but require new components in the technology stack to properly deploy and operate them. As applications evolve to become a set of loosely coupled distributed services, how you manage and secure the traffic to them and amongst them becomes critical to a properly behaving application. To enable this, technologies like edge or API gateways and ingress controllers are considered.

Gloo is a next generation API gateway and ingress controller built with Envoy Proxy and designed to support your entire portfolio of applications from legacy monoliths, microservices to serverless. Gloo is designed to connect, secure and control all incoming application traffic and provide a stepping stone to service mesh.

In this webinar, Rick Ducott covers the following:

  • Evolution to microservices application architecture
  • What is Envoy Proxy
  • Data plane and Control plane interaction
  • Gloo Technical Architecture, Features and Benefits

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