Updated Developer Portal for Gloo and Istio version 0.4.11

Today, alongside our Gloo 1.5 announcement, we are also releasing the latest enhancements to the Developer Portal for Gloo and Istio. The Gloo Developer Portal was introduced back in April with Gloo 1.3 and the Developer Portal for Istio in May of this year to help teams catalog and expose their running APIs securely to developers inside and outside of their organization. Since their initial release, we’ve been working with customers to add new functionality and enhance the developer portal to address their production use cases. 

This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Merging the two portals into one code base
  • Enhanced Portal Customization with CSS
  • Portal Customization with Dynamic Portal Pages
  • Single Sign-On with OpenID Connect
  • Admin and Portal UI Updates

One Portal with Two Modes

One change we’ve recently made is to merge the Developer Portals into a single application that integrates with both Istio and Gloo. This ensures that any new feature or bug fix will be available in both variants of the Developer Portal; you can simply select whether to target Gloo or Istio during the installation process. The integration work was completed in v0.4.8 and you’ll need to install that version of the Developer Portal or later to have it also work with Gloo.  

Enhanced Portal Customization 

In this release we’ve expanded the ways in which the Portal UI can be customized to support corporate and application needs. Administrators can now completely control the design and branding of each portal by defining custom CSS stylesheets and also extend the behavior of a portal by adding custom dynamic web pages.

Integration with Gloo for routing

The Developer Portal for Gloo can now do much more than just  generate portalsto catalog and expose your APIs to developers. Starting with  version 0.4.8, the Developer Portal can now  automatically configure the Gloo API Gateway to route to your APIs based on the OpenAPI specifications of the APIs themselves. This will help streamline the process of publishing an APIs and reduce the amount of configuration that you have to manage yourself. 

Admin and Portal UI Updates 

We are always making adjustments to both the Admin Dashboard and the Portal UI to provide the best possible experience for Gloo administrators and the developers who will interact with the developer portal. The recent updates to the Admin Dashboard include the ability to  display the Gloo Virtual Services  that have been generated by the Developer Portal and to edit the header manipulation rules for a Route.  We have also adjusted the default styling of the portal UI so that it is ready to be published even without any customization. 

Learn more

Get started with Developer Portal for your Gloo and Istio environments. Our team is here to help you and are ready for your feedback to improve the Developer Portal experience. In addition to the features mentioned in the blog, you can review the full list of features, fixes, and dependency updates here