Upcoming Webinars — How to Secure Microservices, Kubernetes Clusters and Service Mesh

This fall the theme is all about security. The migration to microservices architecture fundamentally disrupts the entire ecosystem around the application — going from a single, static and monolithic service to potentially hundreds of dynamic, distributed and ephemeral services that are loosely coupled together changes everything.

Many of us have already changed how we build applications using containers, and automating with CI/CD and the like, but the rest of the lifecycle including how we secure, monitor, observe and troubleshoot the applications and the environment are needed to successfully deploy and operationalize microservices.

With that in mind, we’ve recently been focusing a lot on security — from how to protect your services, ensuring safer deployments, to monitoring and troubleshooting issues when they arise. We have a lot of new features that you can read about like WAFJWTAPIKeyOpen Policy Agent,Support for LDAP, AWS Cognito and also attend these upcoming webinars to learn more about real world use cases and get live demo — see you online

Securing Microservices with Zero Trust Networks using API Gateways

Tuesday Sept 24th | 1PM Eastern & 10AM Pacific | Register Here

Modern API gateways present an opportunity to be a control point for security between the people and services in the outside world and the microservices they are trying to access within your datacenter or cloud. The Gateway can implement zero trust network models at the edge to secure, verify and authenticate to your backend application services. Attend this session to learn how Gloo, the next generation API Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress Controller built on Envoy Proxy helps you to secure your microservices

Securing and Troubleshooting Kubernetes and Service Mesh Environments

Thursday Oct 3rd | 1PM Eastern & 10AM Pacific | Register Here

Going to cloud-native application architectures introduces its own set of problems such as how to deal with elastic compute infrastructure, untrusted networks, and increased complexity. Chief among the problems to solve in this new landscape is securing your data and services and troubleshooting when things go wrong. Join Christian Posta and Dan Papandrea, two Field CTOs from different companies as they leverage their unique industry experience across many modernization projects and discuss ways to solve these problems.

We will, through live demos, show real world scenarios such as:

  • Easy setup and instrumentation with Service Mesh Hub and Sysdig
  • Visualization and alerting on your cluster and service mesh environment
  • Kubernetes cluster and service mesh security using open source Falco
  • Traffic Routing and monitoring to a “canary” set of pods

See you online at these webinars — and check out our events calendar to catch us at an event near you or request a speaker for your event. Learn more about our technology at Solo.io and hop into the community slack to continue the conversation or ask questions