Upcoming October 2019 Events with Solo.io

As we enter into the last few months of the year, we are so thankful for the amazing community of conference and meetup organizers, leaders and ambassadors for welcoming us into your groups to share in learning and networking about gateways, service mesh and microservices.

We have a few more events still being finalized so this is just a partial list — check back on our website for the full schedule of events and webinars and share with a friend.

Oct 3 | Webinar | Register Here

Securing and Troubleshooting Kubernetes and Service Mesh with Sysdig and Solo.io

Join Field CTOs, Dan Papandrea and Christian Posta as they look to solve problems in this new landscape is securing your data and services and troubleshooting them when things go wrong. This demo heavy session will show real world scenarios such as:

  • Easy setup and instrumentation with Service Mesh Hub, Gloo and Sysdig
  • Visualization and alerting on your cluster and service mesh environment
  • Kubernetes cluster and service mesh security using open source Falco
  • Traffic Routing and monitoring to a “canary” set of pods

Oct 14 | All Things Open | View Schedule

Headed to Raleigh, NC for this year’s All Things Open conference to talk all about open source?

Don’t miss Christian Posta’s talk on Monday at 2:15 PM about how API Gateways are Going Through an Identity Crisis and what that means as we transition to microservices architecture.

API Gateways provide functionality like rate limiting, authentication, request routing, reporting, and more. With the rise in service-mesh technologies, you’ll notice there is a lot of overlap with API Gateways when solving some of the challenges of microservices. If service mesh can solve these same problems, you may wonder whether you really need a dedicated API Gateway solution? The reality is nuanced for the problems solved at the edge (API Gateway) compared to service-to-service communication (service mesh) within a cluster. But with the evolution of cluster-deployment patterns, these nuances are becoming less important. The API Gateway is evolving to live at a layer above service mesh and not directly overlapping with it, to solve application-level concerns like aggregation, transformation, and deeper context and content-based routing as well as fitting into a more self-service, GitOps style workflow. In this talk we put aside the “API Gateway” infrastructure as we know it today and go back to first principles with the “API Gateway pattern” and revisit the real problems we’re trying to solve, the pros/cons and dig into open source projects like Envoy, Kubernetes, and GraphQL.

Oct 15 | Istio Video Live Stream| Set Your Reminder

Christian Posta and Sandeep Parikh from Google are back for another edition of Service Mesh in the Real World Video Series where they dig into a challenge area for application teams, show how the problem has historically been solved, how service mesh solves that problem differently and what that means for the developer and operations teams.

This time our live stream chat and demo will focus on use cases around handling incoming traffic to your cluster from API Gateways to Ingress and Service Mesh.

Join our next live stream session on Tuesday Oct 15th at 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern.

Oct 15 | Istio Meetup — Raleigh, NC | Join the Group

Want to learn more about what service mesh is, when to use one and what the benefits are? Join us for a meetup on Istio mesh following the quarterly release in September. We will be joined by engineers in the Istio projects to advocates working with end users and ecosystem partners presenting and demoing all things Istio.

Topics Covered at this Meetup:

  • What’s New in Istio — highlights of the latest features
  • Istio in the Real World — break down a software architecture concept and how we can solve that differently using service mesh
  • Demos, demos, demos
  • Networking and discussion

Registration for All Things Open not required to attend but we require an RSVP to the meetup.

This event is co-located with the All Things Open Conference is an Istio Service Mesh Meetup! Many thanks to the meetup sponsors Google Cloud and All Things Open for food, drinks and the space at the convention center.

Oct 16 | Charlotte, NC — Kubernetes Meetup | Join the Group

Join Christian Posta Field CTO at Solo.io and Brandon Jozsa, Senior Solutions Architect at Tigera.io for an evening of learning for Kubernetes fans, developers and operators.

This meetup will feature two talks:

  • Managing Traffic from Kubernetes Ingress to Service Mesh
  • Sailing and Scaling with Helm Version 3

Oct 17 | Weaveworks SF Meetup | Join the Group

Join the October Weaveworks meetup, hosted at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco. The theme for this meetup is Kubernetes, CI/CD, and what you need to know (Helm, GitOps, Service Meshes). Join Tamao Nakahara and Leigh Capili from Weaveworks, Lachlan Evanson from Microsort and Scott Cranton from Solo.io for a fun evening of learning and networking on GitOps, Progressive Delivery, Helm and Service Mesh.


  • 6:00pm: Registration, Networking, Food & Drinks
  • 6:20pm: Welcome— Tamao Nakahara (Weaveworks)
  • 6:30pm: Helm 3: Navigating To Distant Shores — Lachlan Evanson (Microsoft)
  • 6:55pm: GitOps & Progressive Delivery — Leigh Capili (Weaveworks)
  • 7:20pm: Service Mesh for Resilient Cloud Native Applications — Scott Cranton (Solo.io)

Oct 24 | Dallas Kuberentes Meetup | Join the Group

Join Scott Cranton in Dallas for an evening of Kubernetes Ingress and Service Mesh — Microservices Traffic Patterns. Kubernetes users need to allow traffic to flow into and within the cluster. Treating the application traffic separately from the business logic allows presents new possibilities in how service to service traffic is served, controlled and observed — and provides a transition to intra cluster networking like Service Mesh. With microservices, there is a concept of both North / South traffic (incoming requests from end users to the cluster) and East / West (intra cluster) communication between the services. In this talk we will explain how Envoy Proxy works in Kubernetes as a proxy for both of these traffic directions and how it can be leveraged to do things like traffic shaping, security, and integrate the north/south to east/west behavior.

Oct 28 | Open Source Summit EU | View Schedule

Check out the service mesh talk and the panel discussion from our Solo.io team at the upcoming Open Source Summit EU, both on Monday Oct 28th.

Navigating the Service Mesh Landscape with Istio, Consul Connect, and Linkerd — Christian Posta, Solo.io

Service mesh has hit the cloud-native computing community like.a storm and we’re starting to see gradual adoption across the enterprise. There are a handful of open-source service mesh implementations to choose from including Istio, Consul Connect and LinkerD. In this talk we’ll cover why and when you may want to use a service mesh vs when you may want to just stick with a library/NetflixOSS/application approach. Then we’ll dig into three popular open-source service-mesh implementations and explore their goals, strengths, and weaknesses. The audience should come away with a good foundation from which to explore service mesh technology and ask the right questions to get to the right answer for them.

Panel Discussion: What’s Essential in an OSS Project Launch Playbook?

Creating and developing a new open source project is hard enough as is, but how exactly can you go about successfully sharing your project with the community once you’re ready to do so?

Collectively, this panel group including Karen Chu, Aaron Schlesinger and Ronan Flynn-Curran from Microsoft, Betty Junod from Solo.io and Tasha Drew from VMware have launched and worked on multiple open source projects such as Helm, Habitat, Cloud Native App Bundle (CNAB), Docker, Gloo, Athens, Service Catalog, & Service Mesh Interface (SMI). From our experiences, we’ve identified essential elements for any open source project launch, no matter how small or big your project is.

In this panel, we’ll discuss what should be in an OSS project launch playbook:

  • Infrastructure: tools needed to create a public space for your project
  • Communications: techniques for setting a tone, creating a brand, & spreading the word
  • Governance: what you need to create a protected but open space for your community
  • Goal: the purpose of open sourcing your project & the rules of engagement
  • Community: what you need to plan to grow, cultivate, & engage members

Oct 28 | Docker Lyon Meetup | Join the Group

Christian Posta is joined by friends from Hashicorp and Microsoft for an evening of Service Mesh and Cloud Native Application Bundles. Come for talks, networking and demos of how service meshes open new possibilities in improving the developer workflow, updates from Hashiconf Seattle and a dive into Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB). If you happen to be in town for Open Source Summit, add this to your agenda.

Oct 31 | Solo.io Online Meetup #3 | Join the Group

A Halloween Special featuring guest speakers fromTidepool.org, Buoyant and Weaveworks

Our third online meetup will feature speakers Rick Ducott, Solo.io’s Director of Engineering, Derrick Burns, Cloud Architect at Tidepool, Thomas Gramepberg from Buoyant and Weaveworks.

This session will feature:

  • End user presentation from Derrick Burns, Cloud Architect at Tidepool
  • Panel discussion and Q&A with Tidepool, Buoyant, Solo.io, Weaveworks

About Tidepool:

Tidepool is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making diabetes data more accessible, actionable, and meaningful for people with diabetes, their care teams, and researchers. Our application unlocks the data from the patient’s insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor and blood glucose meter and visualizes it in one place which provides the patient with better visibility in managing their diabetes and for their doctor to manage their treatment. When the application was built five years ago, the team built it as a cloud service but many of the tools that we have today did not exist and so there were all custom built to handle service discovery, orchestration and API gateway routing. This became more difficult to maintain over time as people change roles and the knowledge of all the custom work goes with them. Six months ago the Tidepool team started to rethink their underlying platform infrastructure for longer term sustainability and scale.

This talk will cover the migration journey at Tidepool from custom built tooling to cloud native open source projects. The three key areas addressed were in orchestration, service discovery and API gateways. We will discuss the architectural approach, evaluation, implementation and adjustments that led to a design including Kubernetes, Gloo and more plus how healthcare compliance is possible with open source.

Looking forward to meeting you

Check out our events calendar here as we are always adding more talks and if you’d like to have Solo.io at your next event, request a speaker here and continue the discussion in our community slack.