Upcoming Events for October 2020

As we head into autumn here at our HQ, we’ve updated the events calendar with lots of talks at virtual conferences and meetups — we are excited to meet you online to share and discuss all things Envoy Proxy, Kubernetes, and service mesh. If you have an event coming up, you can request a speaker  here and continue the discussion in our community slack — requests for topics always welcome!  If you’re looking for past events, check out our YouTube channel and SpeakerDeck site.


Oct 1 | CNCF Meetup – Madison, WI  

Field Engineer Lawrence Gadban joined the Cloud Native Madison, WI group to give a talk on how Envoy Proxy is the Gateway to Service Mesh. In this talk he explains what is Envoy and it’s role at the edge and in service mesh. Join the group, here and subscribe to the youtube channel to get the recording when its posted live.


Oct 7th and 21st | Community Meeting | Attend

Everyone is invited and welcome to join the bi-weekly community calls to discuss the open source projects — check out the agenda document to suggest topics, lead discussions, or to listen in — see you online soon!

Details for the community calls:


Oct 13 | CNCF Meetup – Paris, France | Join the Group

Join EMEA Field Engineering Director Denis Jannot at this month’s meetup as he talks about the challenges in exposing and connecting microservices, the different options available to expose services running on Kubernetes (Ingress vs API gateway) and to manage service to service communications (API gateway vs Service Mesh), the additional complexity introduced when services are spread across multiple environments (multiple Kubernetes clusters, Service Meshes, …), and he’ll introduce several Open Source projects (Gloo, Service Mesh Hub, Web Assembly, …) we are working on at Solo.io to tackle these challenges.



Oct 13 and 27 | Hoot: Open Policy Agent | Set Reminder

This month we kick off a new two part Hoot livestream series on Open Policy Agent (OPA), a popular project that is a general purpose policy engine for cloud-native environments. Our chief architect, Yuval Kohavi returns to provide detailed technical overview and demo filled talks.
Episodes in this series include:
  • Oct 13: Open Policy Agent Overview and Architecture
  • Oct 27: Using Open Policy Agent for Envoy Proxy and Istio


Oct 15| Webinar – What’s New in Gloo Gateway | Register Now

Gloo is a next generation API gateway built on Envoy Proxy designed to facilitate and secure application traffic at the edge. In this webinar we will cover the latest enhancements announced on October 1 including:

  • Enhanced Multi-Cluster Failover in Gloo Federation
  • Traffic Routing and Route Table Enhancements
  • More Config Options for Gloo, Envoy, and a Dry-Run Validation API
  • Security Improvements for External Authentication
  • Improvements for Configuring and Enforcing Rate Limits
  • Enhanced AWS Lambda Integration
  • Developer and Operator Experience enhancements


Oct 20  | All Things Open  | Register

Excited to have Christian Posta, our Global Field CTO back to join the All Things Open conference focused on open source innovation and technology. At this year’s virtual conference, Christian will give a talk on Multi-cluster Kubernetes and Service Mesh Patterns. Check out the talk here.


Oct 21  | Wasm in the Fall | Join the Group

We’re excited to join the Wasm-SF meetup group to give a talk on “Creating a “Docker Like” developer experience for WebAssembly.” Join Yuval Kohavi and Shane O’Donnell as they demo the developer workflow for building WebAssembly modules for Envoy Proxy and talk about the current state of Wasm in Envoy.

Oct 21  | CNCF Meetup – Ann Arbor, MI| Join the Group

Lawrence Gadban joins the October meetup of the Orchestructure group in Ann Arbor MI to talk about the functionality of Envoy Proxy and its role in networking modern application architecture from the edge to service mesh.


Oct 21  | CNCF Meetup – Slovakia| Join the Group

Christian Posta joins this months meetup with the Cloud Native and Kubernetes Bratislava, Slovakia group to give a talk on “What is Istio and do I need a service mesh?” This meetup is virtual, so you can join from anywhere — see you online to learn more about Service Mesh.


Oct 22  | CNCF Meetup – Croatia| Join the Group

Denis Jannot, Director of EMEA Field Engineering will be traveling virtually to Croatia to give a talk about “The challenges of exposing and connecting microservices” and how new technology based on Envoy Proxy can help solve those challenges.  This meetup is virtual so you can join from anywhere — see you online!


Oct 27  | CNCF Meetup – Linz, Austria| Join the Group

Denis Jannot joins this month’s virtual meetup of the CNCF Linz, Austria group to talk about how to “Federate All the Things — Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Ingress to Service Mesh.” In this talk Denis explores different options and patterns for building secure, scalable, resilient applications using technology like Kubernetes and Service Mesh, why and when to use multi-cluster topologies, how to build for high availability and team autonomy, and solve for things like service discovery, identity federation, traffic routing, and access control.


Oct 28  | API World Conference | Register

Christian Posta joins this year’s API World virtual conference to give a talk on “Using Envoy Proxy as Your Gateway to Service Mesh” to discuss the changing application networking patterns with microservices, the role and functionality of Envoy Proxy, and explains behavior at the edge and in service mesh.


Oct 29  | Gloo API Gateway Workshop | Register

This live online, instructor led workshop will be held twice on Oct 29th for European and US timezone based attendees.

Gloo is a next generation API Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress controller built on Envoy Proxy. Gloo helps application modernization initiatives by exposing APIs, securing them, and enabling fine grained traffic control to backend application workloads including legacy monoliths, microservices, and serverless functions.

This workshop will demonstrate this functionality with Gloo API Gateway with a combination of presentation, demos, and hands-on tutorials led by solution engineers. Gloo is a next generation API Gateway and Ingress Controller built on Envoy Proxy.