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Webinar Recap — Service Mesh powered chaos engineering with Gloo Shot

Thanks to those who joined our webinar last week on Service Mesh enabled Chaos Engineering with Scott Cranton and Scott Weiss. Chaos Engineering is a newer concept evolved out of the need to test for resilience in fast changing, distributed microservices.’s Gloo Shot does this uniquely through service mesh to provide the ability to […] | June 17, 2019
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Introducing Gloo Shot: Service Mesh Enabled Chaos Engineering

By Mitch Kelley and Scott Weiss Today Gloo Shot joins the Gloo Platform family as the latest product in the modern application health toolkit. Gloo Shot enables controlled chaos engineering experiments so organizations can improve resilience and proactively prevent issues with their applications. Gloo Shot open source is available for download today, with an enterprise version […] Engineering | May 15, 2019
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Squash, the definitive cloud-native debugging tool

Squash 0.5 is out. This new release addresses enterprise debugging use cases making it the most pervasive debugging tool for cloud-native applications. The ability to do live debugging of an application is an essential piece in the development process. It bothers me, and I often have a hard time understanding how developers can purely rely […] Engineering | March 8, 2019
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