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End User Case Study: HRZN iGaming Platform by New Age Solutions

In this post, we feature a Q&A with Ievgenii Shepeliuk at New Age Solutions, a division of Axios Holding that builds a B2B iGaming platform. Ievgenii started at New Age Solutions almost 4 years ago as a software developer, in recent years has been shifting more towards DevOps and operations, and is currently the acting […]

Betty Junod | April 5, 2020
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Online Meetup #5  – Featuring Frasca International

Last week at our first online meetup of the year, we featured and end user talk from Kevin DeLorey (Software Architect) and Brian Vandre (Lead Software Engineer) from Frasca Interntational, Inc. on how they are using Kubernetes, Gloo, Linkerd and more to bring flight simulation to the cloud. For more than 60 years Frasca International, […]

Betty Junod | March 9, 2020
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Webinar Recap – ParkMobile Builds for Scale with Kubernetes, Gloo and AWS Cloud

ParkMobile is the leading provider of parking solutions in the US with a mission to power smart mobility for every driver and vehicle, everywhere. Located in 7 cities across the country, ParkMobile helps their 16M+ customers park smarter every year.  Like many other companies that experience this kind of growth, the team looked at the […]

Betty Junod | February 21, 2020
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Building with the Community — Thank You to the Gloo End Users and Customers

Today marks a milestone in our journey with Gloo, our Envoy Proxy based API Gateway as we reach 1.0. We are especially excited to celebrate this milestone with the community — our customers, open source users and partners that spent the time to provide feedback, file issues, pull requests, integrate Gloo with their technology and share that […]

Betty Junod | November 14, 2019
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Online Meetup #3 — Halloween Special with, Weaveworks and Buoyant

Happy Halloween from! Today we hosted an online meetup with some of our cloud-native friends Thomas from Buoyant (the makers of Linkerd) and Stefan from Weaveworks (makers of Flagger and Flux) along with guest speaker Derrick Burns from, a non-profit building software to make diabetes data accessible to patients for better care. In […]

Betty Junod | November 1, 2019
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Tidepool Replatforms Diabetes Data Service from Custom Tooling to Open Source with Gloo and Kubernetes

In today’s blog, we feature a chat with Derrick Burns, Cloud Architect at to share their journey in migrating from years’ worth of custom built tools to the latest cloud native open source technologies and AWS. Improving Diabetes Care by Making Data Accessible Tidepool dashboards Tidepool is a nonprofit organization focused on delivering high […]

Betty Junod | September 25, 2019
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Webinar Recap: Gloo Gateway at D-TECK Solutions

Felix Roberge, CTO of D-TECK Solutions joined us online last week to share their journey in building a new assessment platform from scratch. D-TECK Solutions specializes in helping organizations to maximize the performance potential of their teams and individuals by making the science of psychometric assessment universally accessible and effective through their new software platform. […]

Betty Junod | July 26, 2019
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D-TECK Uses Gloo Gateway and Google Cloud to Help Businesses Make Better HR Decisions

D-TECK assists organizations in maximizing the performance potential of their teams and individuals. They do this by making the science of psychometric assessment universally accessible and effective through their software platform. D-TECK leads the science behind this solution with a team of organizational psychologists that combine assessments and leading HR tools with big data and […]

Betty Junod | June 3, 2019
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