Liveblog: Kicking Off Day 2 at SoloCon ’22

Today’s sessions to watch

The second day at SoloCon 2022 has some great sessions planned. Here are a few you should check out:

  • Day 2 Keynote: SoloCon 2022’s Day 2 keynote will be hosted by’s Director of Open Source Lin Sun and Head of Engineering Neeraj Poddar. We’re excited for this session as it includes guest appearances from a number of customers including Snyk, Ory, Waylay, Invitae, and Schneider Electric as they talk about their own experiences and share insights.
  • For My Next Trick: Making My Platforms Disappear with an Edge Gateway: This session will be presented by T-Mobile’s Joe Searcy, Staff Engineer of Distributed Systems. T-Mobile has a diverse application landscape that runs on top of a variety of platforms including Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Virtual Machines, and Baremetal servers. As they pushed Development teams to strive for higher levels of resiliency and security, they began to see many challenges. Catch this session to learn how they tackled this.
  • Lightning talk – Gloo Edge at Scale: Join CARFAX Director of Platform Engineering Mark Portofe and Solutions Architect Sebastian Chacko to learn more about using Gloo Edge at scale in this 15-minute, live lightning talk.
  • Weaveworks GitOps-Core and Gloo Edge: The faster an organization can deliver new features and fixes, the better. GitOps enables the speed, and when used with progressive delivery, it provides the safety net. This session will showcase progressive delivery for Kubernetes using technologies such as Weave GitOps alongside’s Gloo Edge. Learn how to create best in class GitOps workflows while ensuring High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
  • Istio Day 2 Operations: In this session, Field Engineers Ram Vennam and Nick Nellis will share what they have learned in the field around running Istio at scale. Look forward to hearing about how to achieve no downtime with Istio lifecycle management in production, establishing security and configuration boundaries, leveraging existing observability systems to monitor health, and debugging tools when things aren’t working as expected.
  • eBPF & Gloo Mesh – What’s New: eBPF has exploded in popularity recently, and for good reason, as this quickly maturing Linux technology has unlocked tons of potential in just about every aspect of Linux computing. In this session, you can look forward to exploring the possibilities of eBPF and service mesh.


Don’t forget the SoloCon fun stuff

Don’t forget about the treasure hunt, coloring book, and more built throughout the event. Be sure to check these out while you’re there. 

Expo Hall
Don’t miss this, it’s full of info about BumbleBee, GraphQL, Gloo Mesh, Gloo Edge, Gloo Portal, Solo Academy, and a job board where you can find info about open positions at 

Treasure Hunt
There’s a treasure hunt going on! If you’re one of the first 22 (in honor of SoloCon ‘22) people to answer the quiz by finding the Treasure Hunt logo hidden in five places throughout the event, you can win a custom SoloCon beanie.

Coloring Book
Hit up the Solo Academy booth in the Expo Hall to find a commemorative take-home SoloCon 2022 coloring book PDF that you can download for the kids (or yourself!) for free. 

There are also networking opportunities if you’re interested in connecting with others from the Istio, eBFP, GraphQL and cloud native communities. There’s a networking feature in the event, plus info about how to join’s Slack channel to get direct access to Solo’s team with questions.

Stay tuned for a recap liveblog after the Americas sessions for more highlights and any new news announcements.