Liveblog: Wrapping Up Day 2 at SoloCon ’22


It was another eventful day at SoloCon 2022! With 19 sessions in the Americas, we learned more about eBPF, Wasm, Istio Day 2 operations, GraphQL, and lots more. The Day 2 Keynote was hosted by’s Director of Open Source Lin Sun and Head of Engineering Neeraj Poddar, and included insightful guest appearances from a number of customers including Snyk, Ory, Waylay, Invitae, and Schneider Electric. There are more sessions scheduled to stream overnight for attendees in EMEA and APAC. 

SoloCon workshops are coming up!

We’re really excited that’s live, instructor-led live workshops are kicking off in a few hours for attendees in APAC! Workshops for attendees in EMEA will take place after the APAC block has wrapped up. If you’re interested in one of the workshops in the Americas time zone, those are kicking off tomorrow at noon EST/9:00 AM PST. Some of the workshops are back by popular demand, and some are making their debut! Here are the workshops you’ll find:

Brand new workshops

  • Operationalizing Istio for Day 2 Workshop with Certification Option: This is the third part in a series of’s Istio workshops where you’ll learn how best to integrate Istio with the rest of your workflows, tooling and organization and can earn your “Expert for Istio” certification badge. (Happening in: AMER)
  • Fundamentals for eBPF with Certification Option: In this new workshop, you’ll learn the main concepts of eBPF, different ways to create eBPF programs, build and deploy eBPF using BumbleBee and have an opportunity to earn your “Fundamentals for eBPF” certification badge. (Happening in: AMER, EMEA)
  • Using Envoy Proxy as a GraphQL Engine: Thinking about deploying a GraphQL API? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use Gloo Edge to automatically discover services and create a GraphQL schema, create a GraphQL resolver that calls different services and uses them in a schema, and learn more about security and testing options for your GraphQL API. (Happening in: AMER, EMEA, APAC)
  • Multi-tenant Istio Service Mesh with Gloo Mesh: In this hands-on workshop will explain many Istio concept including, multi-cluster topologies, identity federation, authorization and demonstrate how Gloo Mesh can simplify the management of a complex heterogeneous service mesh with a particular focus on multi tenancy. (Happening in: AMER, EMEA, APAC)


Back by popular demand

  • Get Started with Istio with Certification Option: This workshop explains how to get started with Istio by incrementally adopting Istio and observing the benefits that Istio service mesh brings to you. Expect to explore various functions and benefits that Istio provides to your organization. This workshop comes with an option to earn the “Fundamentals for Istio” certification badge. (Happening in: APAC)
  • Modern Cloud API Gateway with Envoy Proxy: This workshop includes a combination of presentation, demos, and hands-on tutorials on concepts using Gloo Edge, including Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes service routing, security at the edge with WAF, Auth, Encryption, configuring traffic policies like rate limiting, developer Portal to catalog and expose APIs externally, federation for multi-cluster management, and system observability and tuning. (Happening in: APAC)


News roundup from yesterday

In case you missed any of the news announcements from yesterday, there were quite a few, and they are exciting! Catch up here:

  • Gloo Mesh 2.0: announced Gloo Mesh Enterprise 2.0 which delivers new enhancements for customers who are managing hundreds of Kubernetes clusters, up to 100 million transactions per day, thousands of internal APIs, as well as large and diverse development teams.
  • GraphQL for Gloo Edge Beta: announced yesterday that GraphQL for Gloo Edge is now in beta! has been exploring common patterns, benefits and limitations of standalone GraphQL, along with how to combine GraphQL with Envoy Proxy, and why Gloo Edge is a great platform for success. Find more details in this new blog.
  • Announcing Solo Academy: also announced a new way to access their workshops. In addition to all the live workshops which are offered in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, they are now offering developer-focused on demand courses through Solo Academy. Right now, they’ve got two certification courses available on demand: Get Started with Istio (an introductory level course with a certification option), and Deploy Istio for Production (an intermediate level course with a certification option).
  • Wasme CLI and WebAssemblyHub to be donated to CNCF: During the SoloCon session “State of WebAssembly in Service Mesh and Future of Wasm”,’s Director of Open Source Lin Sun and Team Lead Shane O’Donnell shared’s plans to donate their wasme CLI (a tool for building, pushing, and deploying Envoy WebAssembly filters) as well as WebAssemblyHub to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, CNCF
  • New executive team growth: Apart from product news and announcements, also announced a growing executive team. The newest executive team members include Rob Bailer as CFO and Brian Gracely as VP of Product Strategy. The announcement follows a momentous year of growth and innovation for that included triple-digit customer growth and the unveiling of several industry “first and only” product updates that enable organizations to connect application services, service meshes, clusters, and clouds.
  •’s tremendous momentum: Founder and CEO Idit Levine shared key announcements and news updates yesterday highlighting the company’s growth over the past year and trajectory moving into the future