@ KubeCon EU 2019 Wrap Up

The team had a great time out at KubeCon Barcelona. Our team was kept very busy giving demos and answering questions in our booth as interest in service mesh is rising across the ecosystem.

Service mesh is part of the cloud native application architecture that separates the application code (business logic) from the application network (which services can talk to each other and how).

We even got to debut our Gloo plushies — check us out us at the Thursday talk.

KubeCon EU delivered a full week of talks, summits and keynotes for over 7,700 attendees coming to Barcelona to learn and collaborate about cloud native.

For us, this KubeCon was all about Service Mesh. From our announcements to demos and talk. We believe this new “separation of concerns” creates new opportunities on how we can control application behavior in a way that’s separate from application code. We also know that implementing new technology can be daunting, so we have decided to focus on helping ease that burden with some new tools and start to explore what else is possible with meshes.

Check out our highlights from KubeCon:

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