Agenda for November 2019

November is still buzzing with activity as we enter into the final months of the year. We are always adding more talks so check our website regularly for the full schedule of events and webinars and share with a friend — we look forward to meeting you online or in person! If you’d like to have us at your event, email us for a workshop or talk.

Nov 11 | QCon SF | Learn More

We are headed to QConSF as a sponsor of the conference for bleeding edge for the enterprise. Visit us in booth #22 to discuss how we can help with new application architecture paradigms like microservices, serverless, service mesh, Kuberetes and more. We will have solution architects on hand to help answer questions about the underlying technology concepts for modern applications and can share how we are working with our customers to help modernize their applications.

Nov 18 | EnvoyCon | Learn More

Headed to KubeCon / CloudNativeCon North America and looking for something to do on Monday? Make sure to check out the list of co-located one day events happening on Monday. is a proud sponsor and speaker of EnvoyCon, a full day conference focused on the leading cloud-native edge proxy, the basis of Istio service mesh (and others) and what we at build our products on as well including Gloo our API gateway. Our team will be there to answer your Envoy questions and don’t miss our talk by Mitch Kelley.

Solving Microservices Murder Mysteries with Envoy’s Tap Filter

There are 324 possible explanations for the great WhoDunIt question in the board game Clue.

If only debugging microservice failures were so simple. Learn how Envoy’s Tap filter can be used to get to the bottom of your most intractable failure modes before they strike again. Through an interactive live demo we will show how to configure and apply Envoy Tap filters to capture, replay, and debug the types of intermittent failures that plague microservices. This debug workflow transforms bug reproduction activities from an expensive, team-wide investigation to a simple, instant database query. Whether you are using Envoy directly or through Istio, learn how you can take advantage of this powerful new feature to increase the resiliency of your distributed systems and the effectiveness of your teams.

Nov 18 | ServiceMeshCon | Learn More

The rise of service mesh is being recognized with an official co-located event and first ever ServiceMeshCon. is a proud sponsor of this inaugural event and are excited for the agenda with talks from end user organizations and our friends in the ecosystem. Don’t miss our two talks at this event featuring a keynote by our founder and CEO, Idit Levine and one from our field CTO, Christian Posta.

Sponsored Keynote by Idit Levine

Talk — The Truth About the Service Mesh Data Plane

The exploration of service mesh for any organization comes with some serious questions. What data plane should I use? How does this tie in with my existing API infrastructure? What kind of overhead do sidecar proxies demand? As I’ve seen in my work with various organizations over the years “if you have a successful microservices deployment, then you have a service mesh whether it’s explicitly optimized as one or not.”

In this talk, we seek to understand the role of the data plane and how to pick the right component for the problem context. We start off by establishing the spectrum of data-plane components from shared gateways to in-code libraries with service proxies being along that spectrum. We clearly identify which scenarios would benefit from which part of the data-plane spectrum and show how modern service meshes including Istio, Linkerd, and Consul enable these optimizations.

Nov 18 | KubeCon CloudNativeCon | Learn More

Join and 12,000 cloud native applications and infrastructure enthusiasts as we descend on San Diego, CA for a week of learning and sharing by open source projects, ecosystem vendors and end user organizations. Visit us in booth 28 to learn more about the open source and commercial technology at to help you modernize to microservices, adopt service mesh and operate a more resilient application environment.

Dig into all your service mesh questions — request a meeting or personalized demo with our solutions architects and engineers here

Tutorial — Service Mesh for the Developer Workflow

Field CTO Christian Posta is jointly presenting a tutorial with Nic Jackson, developer advocate at HashiCorp titled “Service Mesh for the Developer Workflow” which looks at the utility of service mesh in helping developers build better, more resilient applications and improve their debugging workflow. You can add the session here

Looking forward to meeting you

Check out our events calendar here as we are always adding more talks and if you’d like to have at your next event, request a speaker here and continue the discussion in our community slack.