Service Mesh Hub Release v0.6.0

Service Mesh Hub is a Kubernetes-native management plane that enables configuration and operational management of multiple heterogeneous service meshes across multiple clusters through a unified API. In April, we open-sourced Service Mesh Hub v0.4.4 and since then we’ve introduced new features, fixed bugs, and kicked off community calls to discuss the roadmap and proposals.

In this blog, we’ll cover some of the highlights from the releases since April, leading to the latest v0.6.0 release. Check out the releases page for the detailed changelogs.

The new features include starting to expand the support for more service meshes, namely AWS AppMesh, support for the latest Istio 1.6, and more configuration settings. 

  • AWS AppMesh – We’ve begun the work to support this service mesh including; discovery functionality for AppMesh and EKS(#599 and #665), enabling access control translation on Appmesh meshes (#742), creating a cmd to showcase SMH functionality (#708), exposing new Settings CRD to configure discovery for AWS resources (#685), and automatic discovery of EKS clusters Upon receipt of AWS credentials, SMH should automatically discover EKS clusters associated with that AWS account (#665).
  • Istio 1.6 – In code support for the latest Istio 1.6 has been added with end to end testing coming (#719). 
  • New Custom Resources- API updates include the addition of FailoverService CRD and extend TrafficPolicy CRD with outlier detection configuration (#789).
  • UI and Helm Updates – These changes include the addition of nodeSelector for mesh-discovery, mesh-networking, and csr-agent helm templates (#715), a new cluster deregister command for deregistering manually registered clusters (#675), and to expose Helm chart values files option to meshctl cluster register for csr-agent (#716)

We’ve also made fixes to issues including allowing the ability to distinguish workloads with the same name in different namespaces (#758), made sure that only observed policies are aggregated (#753), added docs for using user-provided root certs for VMs (#786), and updated our docs versioning (#813), along with a couple of breaking changes. 


Get Involved in Service Mesh Hub

If you haven’t already done so, we’d love to have you check out Service Mesh Hub and get involved in the community to give feedback and participate in the roadmap discussions. There are many ways to get involved

  • Community Meetings: Calls will be held every other Wednesday at 10am Pacific Time and everyone is welcome to attend to listen, discuss or share. The meetings are recording and posted online. The agenda is open to the public and you can add your topics here
  • Code: If you’re looking to hack on service mesh, check out the code and the contribution guide here and look for the good first issue and help wanted labels in the GitHub issues.
  • Docs: Contribute to the Docs or file issues for any docs bugs or requests here.

Talks and Blogs: If you are interested in writing or speaking about Service Mesh Hub and would like access to content, images or help, DM us here. Share your demos, tutorials and content back to the community.