Advance your knowledge of service mesh tech with Academy certifications

Whether you’re curious about Istio, eBPF, Envoy, or a related technology, Academy is the place to learn about the open source technologies underpinning our products. We’re passionate about accelerating the transition to cloud native application architectures through industry-leading, exclusive educational experiences. 

Start your hands-on learning journey today and be part of this technology transformation. We offer free courses both on-demand and as live workshops, led by the very people who helped develop and steer these technologies. Many of these courses include a certification issued by Credly. We’ve issued 1,923 certifications so far! 

Explore our certifications:

  • Fundamentals for Istio (live or on-demand): Obtain the foundational skills needed to get started with Istio like installing, securing, and adding services.
  • Intermediate for Istio (live or on-demand): Gain the essential skills to deploy Istio, configure it, debug it, secure it, and operationalize it for your organization.
  • Expert for Istio (live only): Possess the essential skills to use Istio in more advanced scenarios including tenancy, PKI integration, and other workflows for your organization.
  • Fundamentals for eBPF (live or on-demand): Learn about eBPF and the different ways to create eBPF programs, create your first eBPF program using BCC and libbpf, build and deploy an eBPF program with BumbleBee, and more.
  • Intermediate for eBPF (live only): Learn about developing eBPF applications with a focus on kernel-space.
  • Fundamentals for Istio Ambient Mesh (live or on-demand): Better understand how Istio Ambient Mesh, which implements a “sidecarless” architecture, works.
  • Fundamentals for Cilium (live or on-demand): Develop the essential skills to deploy the Cilium CNI on a test Kubernetes cluster, gather metrics, and enforce network policies.
  • Fundamentals for Envoy (live or on-demand): Bridge the gaps in your understanding of Envoy, such as architecture, filter chains, and a day-in-the-life of a request.
  • Network Foundations (live only): Learn Networking Foundations from the ground up using the OSI Model as a framework to understand network communications.

How Academy certifications work

Step 1
Sign up! Choose the certification you’re most interested in and register for it.

Step 2
Review any introductory information the course includes. Some courses start with a video that explains basic concepts, while others have text explainers.

Step 3
Before taking a certification exam, you’ll go through a hands-on coding lab in Instruqt. These generally take 1 to 2 hours to complete. Many are offered on-demand, all of them are offered as live workshops.

Step 4
Take the exam. In order to earn a certification you must pass an exam with an 80%+ passing score. 

Step 5
Share your certification with the world. You’ll receive an email from Credly with your certification. From the email, you can accept the certification and share it over various social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

What previous attendees are saying

Our courses have a 4.7/5 rating from all attendees. Here are some of their testimonials:

“Great presenter, additional valuable comments and tips, timely taking care of all questions to be answered. Great material and great experience. Thanks again.”

“Good, thank you so much for giving free stuff for high value content.”

“Excellent course. Short. Precise and right to the point.”

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