New Webinar Series — Hybrid Application Architecture

We here at are excited! We just launched a webinar series to go over the topic of Hybrid Applications Architecture.

We have many things to talk about, but to start our series, we’ll be focusing on the following through a series of webinars:

  • The role of an API Gateway in cloud-native architectures
  • Strategies to transition from monolithic applications to microservices and serverless
  • How GraphQL facilitate a Hybrid Application Architecture scenario
  • How Service Mesh fits into the designs of today (and tomorrow)
  • How an API Gateway and Service Mesh complement one another
  • Debugging applications in complex distributed architectures

We’ve scheduled the first of many. What you will learn from the first:

Hybrid Application Architecture is designed to allow the adoption of new technologies as they emerge with minimal disruption to existing operations. Adopting new technologies or architectures like microservices or serverless at the pace that best fits your organization will help you keep a competitive edge.

At, we built Gloo on top of Envoy to help you progressively adopt and become successful with cloud-native technologies. Use Gloo as your cluster Ingress, as a next-generation API gateway, as a facilitator of transitioning from a monolithic app to modern infrastructure, as your service discovery agent, or as your GraphQL engine.