Meet us in San Diego for KubeCon North America 2019

November is just around the corner and that means it is time to gear up for KubeCon in San Diego — the event where the cloud native industry comes to share, learn, and network. The crew will be there starting on Monday Nov 18th to kick off the week with our talks at ServiceMeshCon and EnvoyCon and then over to KubeCon to chat about all things microservices and service mesh.

We will be at booth SE 28 ready to answer your questions and provide demos.

If you are new to, here’s a summary of our open source and commercial technology:

  • Gloo, a next generation API gateway connecting monoliths, microservices and serverless applications together across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Available in open source and enterprise versions to connect, secure and control your application APIs.
  • Service Mesh Hub, a unified dashboard installs,discovers and operates a single or group of service meshes (from any vendor) and the applications and extensions running on them. Based on our open source project, SuperGloo, the Hub takes the orchestrator a step further with a UI dashboard and catalog of 3rd party tools for service mesh. Check out Service Mesh Hub; view the read only site and install onto your clusters.
  • Application Health Toolkit provides a set of language agnostic tools for debugging and proactive chaos testing microservices applications. Squash is an open source microservices debugger and Gloo Shot is an open source project that runs chaos engineering tests into the application network abstractected by the envoy proxies in the service mesh. Try Squash and GlooShot and give us feedback.

We are looking forward to meeting you at KubeCon and learning more about your plans for cloud-native infrastructure and applications. If you’d like 1:1 time with our solution architects or engineers, click the banner below to request a meeting

Talks and Tutorials to Add to Your Agenda

ServiceMeshCon: The Truth About Service Mesh Data Plane

Monday Nov 18 @1:20 PM

This session is featured at the first inaugural ServiceMeshCon, a co-located event that is the day before KubeCon conference officially kicks off. Christian Posta’s talk titled “The Truth About the Service Mesh Data Plane” will discuss the role of the data plane and how to approach selecting components for your environment based on the context of the application problem you are trying to solve. View the session details here

EnvoyCon: Solving Microservice Murder Mysteries with Envoy’s Tap Filter

Monday Nov 18 @3:30 PM

Another co-located event at KubeCon / Cloud Native Con North America is EnvoyCon. Our talk titled “Solving Microservice Murder Mysteries with Envoy’s Tap Filter” digs into how we can use Envoy Proxy as a way to potentially understand and debug failures in microservices applications. Check out the session details

KubeCon Panel: What’s Essential in an OSS Project Playbook?

Tuesday Nov 19 @ 11:50 AM

Join speakers from, Microsoft, and Alibab as they share their collective experience in launching and working with open source projects. This moderated session will ask the questions beyond technology like the project goals, community engagement, communications, governance and culture. You can add the session here

KubeCon Tutorial: Service Mesh for the Developer Workflow

Thursday Nov 21 @ 2:25 PM

Our field CTO, Christian Posta is jointly presenting a tutorial with Nic Jackson, developer advocate at HashiCorp titled “Service Mesh for the Developer Workflow” which looks at the utility of service mesh in helping developers build better, more resilient applications and improve their debugging workflow. You can add the session here

See you in San Diego!

Not going to KubeCon?