Unlocking Istio’s Full Potential with’s Insights

As you journey deeper into the realm of Istio service mesh, you’ve likely encountered the vast array of features, deployment patterns, tuning controls, configuration options, and much more that makes it an immensely powerful tool. Yet, this flexibility and control can sometimes appear daunting, diverting your focus from what truly matters for your application. At, we stand as pioneers in the Istio community, having spent years guiding customers in harnessing the true potential of Istio. Now, we’re excited to share our wealth of experience with you through our groundbreaking Insights engine, available with Gloo Mesh Core.

Discover the Future of Istio with Insights

Insights empowers you to seamlessly integrate our expertise into your existing Istio environment. It conducts a comprehensive assessment, meticulously examining an extensive range of factors that we’ve encountered over the years, factors that can significantly impact Istio’s security posture and performance. Insights tap into your current environment, analyze the applied configuration, comparing its metrics against a set of guidelines cultivated from our diverse customer base and Istio ecosystems. Our focus isn’t on unraveling the intricacies of Istio’s inner workings but rather on revealing how to maximize Istio’s potential, delivering the security, observability, and resilience to your application.

With Insights, we shine a spotlight on the gaps and outliers that might be hindering your Istio implementation from delivering the expected results. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the Istio you have and the Istio you need. By pinpointing these areas, Insights becomes your trusted ally in optimizing your Istio service mesh operations.

Insights & Gloo Mesh Core

With Gloo Mesh Core, Insights engine can be easily plugged-in to your existing Istio environment. It offers invaluable insights and analysis, guiding you on the best practices for running Istio in production at scale. The analysis of gaps is automated, providing precise recommendations on where and how to fine-tune Istio for optimal results. Key performance indicators derived from Insights are presented on your dashboard, offering a quick, at-a-glance view of your Istio configuration and environment’s status. This empowers you to swiftly identify potential issues that might be impacting your system’s performance.

Let’s dive into a few common issues that we’ve encountered and seamlessly incorporated into Insights:

  • Istio Health: Ensuring the vitality of your Istio instance is paramount. Insights helps you determine Istio’s health by answering critical questions: Are your Istio versions up to date? Are there any CVEs that require attention? Are the control planes running smoothly, and are data plane proxies properly connected to the control plane? With Insights, we can answer those questions and present them in an easy to understand visual.
  • Zero Trust: In an era of heightened security concerns, adopting a zero-trust security model is essential. Insights empowers you with knowledge about your service-to-service communication, ensuring encryption and providing visibility into accessed services. The Zero Trust panel on the dashboard collects telemetry and egress traffic data, allowing you to gauge the alignment of your inbound and outbound traffic with your security objectives.
  • Security Best Practices: Staying compliant with security best practices can be challenging. Insights simplifies this by incorporating numerous best practices directly into your Istio environment. It monitors essential factors, such asmTLS for all traffic, proper authorization of traffic, unexpected routing changes, and securing egress traffic.

Solo’s Insights is just the beginning of our commitment to helping our customers maximize the potential of their Istio environments. We are excited to introduce it as a way to seamlessly integrate our expertise into Gloo Mesh Core. Through this ongoing partnership between Solo and our customers, we are dedicated to continually improving the Istio management experience, empowering our customers to excel and prosper.

Learn more about the power of Gloo Mesh Core and see how you can leverage Solo Insights for your Istio environment today.