Gloo Weekly Release Summary

A few weeks ago we automated our release logs, and with that, anyone can check our documentation to see what we released, the issues fixed, and the new features added.


New Features

  • You can now specify Multiple proxies in your Helm Chart.
  • You can configure Envoy Circuit Breakers with Gloo. Both at a global level and individually per upstream.

Relevant Bug Fix

Detailed Changelog

You might have noticed that we bumped the minor release number 2 times (0.11 -> 0.12 -> 0.13). This happens mostly when we have breaking API changes

Dependency Bumps

  • solo-io/solo-kit has been upgraded to v0.3.10.


  • Update —kubeyaml flag to —dry-run to be consistent with kubernetes conventions. (#626)
  • The output for gloo install and uninstall has been cleaned up, and detailed output has moved to HOME/.gloo/debug.log. (#619)
  • Propagate resource exclusion logic from the install spec to the installer. Needed for enterprise Gloo. (#611)
  • Enable CORS in runtime, add e2e. (#589)
  • Use latest envoy with a fix to SIGSEGV that happens under heavy load. (#590)
  • Namespace needs to be set up during pre-install, so that other namespaced pre-install resources (i.e. Settings) can be created. (#604)
  • Return the correct URL for glooctl proxy url –name https (#577)
  • Fixes issue where the glooctl pre-install step could silently fail, causing custom settings to not be installed. (#571)
  • Fix index overflow in discovery (#569)

New Features

  • Allow providing a —kubeyaml flag to glooctl commands to dump the associated kubernetes yaml objects (#616)
  • Add ability to declare multiple proxies in helm chart. (#573)
  • Allow providing parameters to fine tune the http connection manager. (#596)
  • Add flag to turn off CRD creation during installation with Helm. (#433)
  • glooctl uninstall by default only deletes gloo services, deployments, and config maps. It no longer removes the installation namespace by default. Several additional options are available: —delete-crds will also remove gloo custom resource definitions, and any associated objects (virtual services, etc). —delete-namespace will remove the namespace and anything inside it. —all will delete the namespace, CRDs, and any gloo cluster roles or cluster role bindings. (#433)

Breaking Changes

  • Remove the shorthand params for glooctl proxy url –name (#577)
  • Make sure namespace (and name, where applicable) are added as top-level options, to improve the docs. This is breaking because now extensions to the CLI need to make sure they don’t try to add namespace if it is already provided by the top-level command. (#582)

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