Gloo: Enhance the Cloud Foundry Experience

Around the offices at Solo, we have a saying: “The Cloud Foundry Experience”. We use it to refer to tools like Cloud Foundry which provide an ideal user experience for devops engineers. This is an experience we seek to provide in the implementation of our own products, including Gloo.

In the interest of providing an excellent user experience, we have extended Gloo’s plugin library to support native integration into Cloud Foundry environments. This means Gloo will be able to leverage Cloud Foundry for native routing, service discovery, and even Gloo’s unique Function Discovery feature.

As of today we are happy to announce full support for Cloud Foundry, bringing Gloo’s Envoy-powered API Gateway to the Cloud Foundry Platform. This integration allows extending current Kubernetes-deployed Gloo instances to provide API management between Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (Kubernetes clusters) and Cloud Foundry Application Runtime installations simultaneously. Gloo is literally gluing them together!

The Gloo plugin for Cloud Foundry integration leverages the Copilot project, developed to enable service mesh in Cloud Foundry. Copilot aggregates the information from other cloud foundry components (CAPI, CloudController, and Diego) to expose a simple API for use by edge proxies. The Copilot API allows Gloo to discover internal Cloud Foundry routes and the network addresses to which they connect.

Gloo generates upstream objects to represent the Cloud Foundry applications it discovers, enabling routing and API management via Envoy (managed by Gloo) to services living within Cloud Foundry. Each Cloud Foundry application becomes a cluster in Envoy and their network addresses are fed to Envoy by Gloo through the Envoy xDS API.

Gloo now integrates all of your devops environments across Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes microservices, along with monolithic and serverless applications in one seamless experience.

Contact Solo to learn more about Gloo today, and stay tuned for more exciting integrations coming soon.