GA Releases of Gloo Edge 1.7 and Gloo Portal 0.7

The First Enterprise gRPC Portal, Full Federation Capabilities, and more 

Today, I am happy to announce the release of Gloo Edge v1.7 and Gloo Portal v0.7 with an array of unique features and enhancements requested by you, the community and customers. First, one of the most exciting, unique features in the market is the ability to now catalog, manage, and use your gRPC APIs in the same developer portal as your REST APIs. The Gloo Portal team also made sure that the look and feel of gRPC is similar to the existing REST (OpenAPI) portal so that you don’t waste time jumping between two isolated experiences. 

The gRPC portal is a first! There is no other enterprise developer portal on the market that supports managing both REST and gRPC APIs side-by-side, and we believe that this will greatly accelerate the adoption of newer, cloud native, API types. You can see a full demo of the new portal at our recent SoloCon session here

In Gloo Edge v1.7 we integrated the Gloo Federation project so that it is a single repo, a single download, and a single platform. Now, you can take advantage of the cross-cluster failover, configuration management, and role-based policy distribution that comes with the federated control plane in Gloo Fed. 

The Gloo Edge team also doubled down on release testing and stability. We added long term testing, vulnerability scans, licensing scanning, and scale testing

Below are some of the new features in Gloo Edge v1.7:

  • Gloo Edge and Gloo Fed are now one repo, one download, one platform – Gloo Edge Enterprise now comes with Gloo Fed with a single download of glooctl and command to get both up and running. 
  • Over 40 customer and community requested enhancements – The Gloo Edge team has addressed over 40 issues from our community and customers over the past quarter. 
  • Vulnerability scanning and publication – Gloo Edge now continuously scans for vulnerabilities and openly publishes the results in the Gloo Edge documentation, allowing users to track and upgrade to protect their environments.  
  • Expanded release testing and stability – Each new release now includes long term testing within an environment that emulates our customers. 

The Enterprise change-log of Gloo Edge v1.7 can be found here while the open source version can be found here

These are the new major features included in Gloo Portal v0.7:

  • gRPC developer portal – Catalog, manage, and share gRPC APIs with developers and customers.
  • OAuth2.0 to secure APIs – In addition to API keys, administrators can now set up access to APIs through an existing identity provider using Gloo Portal’s OAuth2.0 integration.  
  • HTTPS support for APIs – Administrators can now set up Transport Layer Security (TLS) for APIs traffic in addition to the HTTPs support for the Portal UI itself. 
  • Public catalog of APIs – Make your APIs public for your anyone to peruse, yet require them to sign in to use those APIs. 
  • Support for Istio 1.9 – Gloo Portal now supports the latest version of Istio, Istio 1.9.  

For feature and bug fixes in the Gloo Portal see the change-log here.

Try Gloo Edge and Gloo Portal Today! 

You can request a free trial of Gloo Edge and Gloo Portal today here. To connect, join the #gloo-edge, #gloo-enterprise, and #gloo-portal channels in the Slack.