Engineering Release Summary — June 2019

Welcome to summer and the end of June. This month we’ve spent time shipping releases for Service Mesh Hub and Gloo Gateway with features for both the open source and enterprise editions.

A big thank you to the community for reaching out when you’re having issues or things are not working as expected — you are an extended part of the family. You can file issues and PRs in GitHub or join our community slack to ask questions. Special thank you to @derrickburns @unbreakable1 for contributing to the latest release.

Service Mesh Hub is now v0.20

We just released an update to the Service Mesh Hub with lots of improvements in usability, installation and more. Read the blog post for more.

SuperGloo project is now v0.3.24

The Service Mesh Hub is a product built using the SuperGloo project. This month we’ve shipped some new features and a fix for our service mesh orchestrator. View the changelog here and file issues or pull requests here.

New features and fixes include expanded support for SMI spec and more:

Gloo Gateway Open Source now v0.14.2

Gloo Gateway is a next generation API Gateway built on top of Envoy Proxy. Gloo Gateway is available in both open source and enterprise versions depending on your requirements. This month we released new features to both versions. (Note: all open source features are available in the enterprise version)

The highlights of this release include:

  • Write virtual services with Kubernetes services as an alternative to using upstreams for users already familiar with Kubernetes. This addition is also part of our strategy to make Gloo even lighter weight than it is today.
  • For Enterprise, we’ve expanded our authn/authz support in response to customer feedback. They include support for external authn with jwt and support for authz with Kubernetes service account RBAC (read the Gloo Enterprise release here)

And there’s more..check out the full list of new features and fixes shipped for Gloo Gateway. For reference, check the changelog or submit issues and pull requests here.

New Features

Latest Fixes

Note for Breaking Changes