How to make your API gateway easier, faster, and more cost effective

A significant majority of web traffic is now made up of API calls – how is your company evolving to accommodate this shift? 

API gateways streamline these calls between microservices and clients in an efficient manner, while also handling other tasks like authentication, encryption, caching, and rate limiting. 

In our newest ebook we break down how API gateways can benefit companies internally and externally, including how to make your API gateway easier, faster, and more cost effective. Read on for a synopsis of the points we cover in the ebook. 

How to make your API gateway easier, faster, and more cost effective


Benefits and business cases of API gateways

API gateways are critical for the future of cloud applications. They can:

  • Increase efficiency through API caching
  • Improve service availability through API failover and replication
  • Enhance scalability through load balancing and throttling
  • Increase data security through API encryption and authentication
  • Improve thread protection with firewalls and intrusion detection

With these benefits, there are clear business cases for adopting API gateways, saving time and money and protecting important data from security threats. 

Get the most out of your API gateway investment

The design and implementation of API gateways can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. Get the most value from them by:

  • Streamlining API deployment and management
  • Enhancing collaboration and governance
  • Improving API caching and acceleration
  • Enhancing scalability and throttling
  • Reducing infrastructure costs through serverless and edge computing
  • Tracking usage and billing with API analytics and reporting 

Interested in learning more about how to make this possible? Download our new ebook “Unlocking the Power of Your API Gateway: Strategies for Improved Security, Speed, and Cost-Efficiency” today.