Announcing Gloo Mesh 2.1

Today, the team is excited to release the newest version of the award-winning Gloo Mesh, Enterprise Istio service mesh and service mesh management. Built to integrate with our Gloo Platform offering, the new Gloo Mesh allows users to build on our already powerful service mesh features with API gateway and networking features. This latest version of Gloo Mesh includes over a 100 new features, bug fixes, and improvements that came directly from our customers. 

Gloo Mesh 2.1 Multi-Cluster Support Diagram

Gloo Mesh Enterprise is a distribution of the Istio service mesh that is hardened for production support across multicluster hybrid clusters and service meshes. Gloo Mesh Enterprise includes n-4 Istio version support with security patches to address Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), as well as special FIPS certified builds to meet regulatory standards such as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

Enhanced Statuses

With the new version of Gloo Mesh we wanted to make it easier to debug the platform and resources. First we made several improvements in the graph, but the most salient change is the addition of resource status and a debug page in the UI which allows users to find and triage errors faster. 

Improved Istio Lifecycle Management

Streamline the Istio installation process by using Gloo Mesh to install Istio in your workload clusters, as part of Istio lifecycle management.

With a Gloo Mesh-managed installation, you no longer need to use istioctl to individually install Istio in each workload cluster. Instead, you can supply IstioOperator configurations in a IstioLifecycleManager resource to your management cluster. Gloo Mesh translates this resource into Istio control planes, gateways, and related resources in your registered workload clusters for you.

Improved Documentation

In the newest version of Gloo Mesh you will see an exciting new documentation site with more robust feature explanations and getting started guides. We grew our docs team and we gave them the challenge of writing the best docs in the industry. They took that challenge to heart and have built documentation to walk users through the zero to hero journey, covering both elementary introductions to Istio through advanced multi-cluster service mesh routing. See the new documentation here. 

Other improvements in Gloo Mesh 2.1 include:

  • Zero trust access policy 
  • TLS termination for east west traffic
  • Ability to install agent and management cluster with the same Helm chart

To integrate the features of Gloo Mesh with Gloo Gateway and Gloo Network, the new Gloo Platform allows users to build and manage all these capabilities together. Consider how you would be able to integrate the Gloo Mesh features with API gateway and networking security capabilities for a complete suite of application networking solutions. 

Try Gloo Mesh in Gloo Platform v2.1 today!

Many of the enhancements found in this introduction have come from customer requests, so if you have ideas of other things you’d like to see, reach out to us on the Slack.

Learn more about Gloo Mesh.