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AWS ISV Accelerate Partnership

Delivering highly scalable service mesh and API gateway solutions for AWS EKS customers

Backstage pass for your APIs

How Gloo Portal and Backstage (created by Spotify) turn developers into rock stars

Istio Ambient Explained Cover
Istio Ambient Mesh Explained

From two of the founders and main contributors, learn how to get started with this new sidecarless data plane mode.

Trusted by Industry Leading Organizations

“Gloo Platform checked all the boxes. API Gateway, advanced traffic routing, strong security controls, multi-cloud support and self-service for developers.”

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Innovation & Leadership

Innovators, Leaders and Leading Contributors to the Istio, Envoy, Kubernetes, Cilium, GraphQL and Web Assembly projects. Creator of Istio & gRPC. Defining the cloud-native architecture of the future.
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Co-creator of the Ambient Mesh architecture within Istio

What We Do

We enable our customers to differentiate themselves through innovative digital experiences.


Powering your Hybrid & Multi-Cloud journey

Secure, future-proof connectivity. Seamlessly enable cloud-native applications across any private or public cloud, and any Kubernetes platform.


Enabling Zero-Trust security for APIs and Microservices

Rapidly enable Zero-Trust Security for both applications and APIs, including advanced authentication, mTLS encryption, and centralized policy management.

Cloud Native

Accelerating Cloud-native app development

Rapidly deploy new microservice applications, and modernize existing applications with full developer observability, distributed logs and application policies.


Empowering DevOps agility through automation & GitOps

Enable and automate cloud-native best practices (DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, GitOps) to deliver agile, scalable, secure application networking for cloud-native applications.

The Industry’s Leading Cloud-native Application Networking Platform

Built on Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy, GraphQL and Cilium

API Gateway | Ingress Controller

Built on Kubernetes and Envoy

Kupernetes IconIstio iconEnvoyProxy Icon

Extended with Istio, GraphQL and WebAssembly

  • Kubernetes-native API Gateway
  • Highly Scalable, Low Latency, High Availability
  • Modern Architecture - Innovation and Integrations.

Istio Service Mesh | Service Mesh Management

Istio Service Mesh | Service Mesh Management Built on Istio, Envoy

Istio iconEnvoyProxy Icon

Extended with Cilium, GraphQL and WebAssembly

  • Industry-standard Istio Service Mesh and Service Mesh Management
  • Integrated Kubernetes Ingress /Egress Gateway
  • Extended Long-Term Support for Istio

Kubernetes CNI | Network Policy

Built on Cilium and eBPF

Cillium LogoeBPF Icon

Modular Kubernetes Container Network Interface

  • Supported Cilium Kubernetes-CNI
  • Integrated with Istio for advanced routing, security and observability
  • Extend multi-tenancy to the network.
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