Gloo Mesh

Gloo Mesh simplifies service mesh adoption across various clouds and clusters, whether you're dealing with containers or virtual machines. Powered by Istio, Gloo Mesh empowers platform engineering teams to boost security, resiliency, and observability.

Why Gloo Mesh?

Managing multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments can be complex, especially when it comes to scaling, securing, and monitoring cloud-native apps. Sometimes, the upstream open-source or commodity service mesh options don’t meet enterprise needs for features, scalability, security, and reliability. With Gloo Mesh, you get more observability, simplified manageability and more control over your application security at scale.

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More Secure

Secure traffic to your application with automatic mTLS and make your applications more resilient and safe

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Use GitOps to consistently automate and centrally manage across multi-cloud and multi-cluster environments

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Platform Engineers can easily add security and observability of service-to-service traffic across distributed applications.

See Gloo Mesh In Action…

Choose Your Gloo Mesh Solution

Start with Gloo Mesh Core for easier Istio adoption, including dashboards for health checks and operational insights for faster troubleshooting. For more control over larger workloads across multiple clouds, upgrade to Gloo Mesh Enterprise. You can select lightweight, sidecar-less options with either choice.

FeatureCilium CNIIstio Service MeshGloo Mesh CoreGloo Mesh Enterprise
IPv4 and IPv6 Kubernetes CNI
eBPF Datapath
L4 Policy
Metrics Collection
Secure Service to Service and Pod to Pod communication via mTLS
Traffic management (content based routing, traffic shifting, timeouts, etc.)
Kubernetes Gateway API compatible
Telemetry via OpenTelemetry with UI and Dashboards
Networking Insights Dashboard
User Interface for Istio, Cilium, and Kubernetes Gateway API resources
Istio Lifecycle Management
Ambient Mode support for any production CNI
Long Term Istio Support
Long Term Cilium Support
FIPS-certified for FedRAMP compliance
Multi-Tenancy (Workspace abstraction to support multiple developer teams)
Multi-Cluster Operations (Regional high availability, cluster failover / routing, configuration federation, etc.)
Advanced Policy Controls for Traffic, Security, and Resiliency
Integrate with fully featured Distributed API Gateway - Gloo Gateway
Integrate with Developer Portal (e.g. Backstage)
Non-Kubernetes workload integration (Virtual Machines)
Gloo Mesh Core
Gloo Mesh Enterprise

Gloo Mesh is great for…

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Implementing Zero-Trust

Easily establish a dynamic security posture with mTLS for your microservices-based applications

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Simplifying Your Architecture: No More Sidecars!

With Ambient, you eliminate the need for separate proxy containers alongside each microservice, streamlining your architecture and reducing resource management costs.

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Replacing AWS, Azure, or GCP service mesh

Go multi-cloud, reduce costs, or harness Gloo’s advanced traffic management and security features.

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Cutting Service Mesh Costs

Reduce overheads by +90% with Istio Ambient Mode

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Operationalizing Your Service Mesh

Smart insights automate best practices and keeps your environment healthy

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Easily adding VMs to a service mesh

Achieve greater consistency, observability, and control of your mixed architecture environments