Reports Continued Company Growth, 300 Percent Increase in New Customers and Exponential Cloud Native Community Reach

Modern API Infrastructure Leader Meets Escalating Customer Demand, Also Announces SoloCon 2021 Event

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— Jan. 28, 2021, the modern API infrastructure company delivering application networking from the edge to service mesh, today announced strong company growth, expanded customer bookings and continual contributions to the cloud native community at the beginning of 2021. The latest numbers come after the company announced a $23 million Series B round of financing and its re-organized, rebranded Gloo API Infrastructure Platform suite and product portfolio at the end of last year.

“ has consistently worked to build products that help enterprises modernize their applications with innovative cloud native technologies such as service mesh and WebAssembly,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO, “We’ve worked to not only set the industry cloud-native technology agenda, but to stay one step ahead of customer demand for tools that help enterprises adopt, secure and operate modern application networks — and to make our solution accessible to more companies. As we enter 2021, we’re seeing our efforts pay off with a significant surge in customer and bookings growth. Meanwhile, continues its company growth trajectory, with a 76 percent year-over-year growth in our employee count.”

Significant Company Growth, Expanded Customer Roster’s recent company and customer-related growth includes:

  • 550+ percent bookings growth
  • 125 percent net dollar growth in renewals
  • 300+ percent increase in new customers signed
  • New customers include five new Fortune 100 businesses and two of the top five telecommunications companies

Continual Product Development and Evolution continues to innovate its product offerings, delivering a holistic service connectivity solution with its unified, simplified Gloo API Infrastructure Platform. Gloo, a next generation API gateway, glues together different clusters, service meshes and clouds for consistent configuration, unified management and security. The recently rebranded Gloo API Infrastructure Platform suite includes:

  • Gloo Mesh (previously Service Mesh Hub), single and multi-cluster service mesh management plane
  • Gloo Edge (previously Gloo), a next-generation API gateway and ingress controller built with Envoy Proxy
  • Gloo Portal (previously Developer Portal), a developer portal to catalog and consume running application APIs also unveiled Gloo Mesh Enterprise, which includes all the functionality of Gloo Mesh Open Source, with additional capabilities for enterprise scale, security, observability and Istio support.

Cloud Native Community Innovation has spearheaded cloud native community innovation with:

In addition to delivering first-to-market product offerings and an industry specification, has also noted:

  • 250+ percent year-over-year increase in Slack users
  • 70+ contributors to Gloo since 2019

“The partnership we’ve built with over the last year has been hugely beneficial,” said Joe Searcy, technical staff member, T-Mobile U.S. platform engineering team. “In addition to their products enabling us to continue our cloud native journey at a high velocity, their leadership and expertise within the open source community has streamlined the effort to implement needed enhancements to upstream projects like Envoy and Istio, saving us a ton of engineering hours.”

Introducing SoloCon 2021 will mark the debut of SoloCon Digital Experience 2021, an engaging, interactive event featuring industry speakers, informative sessions and hands-on workshops. Featured topic areas include service mesh management (Istio, AWS App Mesh), WebAssembly (Wasm) and cloud-native API management. Learn more about SoloCon, set for March 23-25, 2021, here: