Launches the WebAssembly Hub to Empower Users to Add New Functionalities to Their Service Mesh to Best Fit Their Business Needs and Enhance Security

“At, we believe that extending the functionality of your service mesh should be simple and secure,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO of ”This is why we’re excited about integrating Wasm with Envoy Proxy. We built the WebAssembly Hub to help end users develop extensions and consume them.”

With WebAssembly Hub, users can:

  • Build: the WebAssembly Hub is where users can take their code in their favorite supported language and build it into a Wasm Envoy extension with a single command.
  • Share: the WebAssembly Hub is a registry for Wasm Envoy extensions where users can store and share their extensions.
  • Discover: the WebAssembly Hub is a meeting place for the community to share and consume Wasm Envoy extensions.
  • Deploy: the WebAssembly Hub provides all the configuration updates that users need in order to add an extension to Envoy, Istio, Gloo and any other Envoy-based products that support Wasm.

WebAssembly Hub use cases include:

  • Security: users can enhance the security of their service mesh environments by discovering and deploying Web Application Firewall (WAF) extensions in just a few steps.
  • API Transformation: users can modernize legacy SOAP backends by building and consuming transformation extensions that expose REST APIs to their consumers.
  • Collaboration: developers can build and publish their custom extensions to potential users.

Wasm is currently supported by the service mesh Istio and by’s Gloo Enterprise 1.0, a production-ready enterprise-grade API gateway, as well as by Envoy Proxy itself. Other Envoy-based service meshes are expected to offer Wasm support in the near future.

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