Enterprise Istio Support with Gloo Mesh Core

Gloo Mesh Core, with Istio's founder's expertise and Solo.io's technical leadership, provides complete support, management, and security for Istio in your enterprise.

Vulnerability Protection

Protect against threats using secure Istio images that reduce vulnerabilities and security risks.

Industry Expertise

Get expert advice from Istio founders and leaders via Slack and dedicated enterprise support tickets with guaranteed response times.

Long term Support

We provide support for the latest five validated Istio versions (N-4) across any environments (FedRAMP, EKS, OpenShift, VMs) & chip architectures including ARM.

Unified Control and Insight for Your Istio Environment

  • Easily integrate a management, monitoring, and insight dashboard.
  • Gain expert insights for automated platform and user protection.
  • Visualize and track all resources in a single, reliable source.
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Enterprise Technical Support – SLA highlights

P0A problem that severely impacts your use of the software in a production environment1 hour
15 minute
P1A problem where the software is functioning but your use in a production environment is severely reduced4 Business Hours2 hours
P2A problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the software in a production or development environment8 Business Hours4 Business Hours
P3A general usage question, reporting of a documentation error, or recommendation for a future product enhancement24 Business Hours12 Business Hours

See how Gloo Mesh Core Can Support Enterprise Istio


Get Fast Diagnosis with Gloo’s Insights

  • Insights offers complete control of your environment, providing expert diagnostics curated by Solo.io’s experience working with numerous Istio users.
  • Access these insights via a unified dashboard, including health alerts for swift issue identification and proactive warnings, such as certification expiration, to prevent user disruptions.

Effortlessly Manage Istio’s Lifecycle

  • Install and upgrade the latest five versions (N-4), patches, and security releases of Istio with ease.
  • Streamline installation and upgrades to the newest Istio version.
  • Seamlessly transition to Solo’s long-term support images, replacing existing ones

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World-class Expertise

Solo.io is deeply involved in the Istio community. We not only contribute to the Istio project but also hold three out of six seats on the Istio Technical Oversight Committee. This gives us a significant role in Istio’s governance, ensuring it meets your needs. Your concerns are our priority, and we’re here to support your success and advocate for upstream bug fixes and feature requests on your behalf.

Istio Oversight Members Updated 1.2

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