Enterprise Istio Support for Production Environments

Is Istio not working properly for you? Are you having performance issues with your Istio instance? Is there an upgrade you need to manage on multiple clusters?

You don't need to pull your hair out getting Istio to do the job. Solo.io can provide complete support, management, and security for Istio in your enterprise. Our team, including the expertise of Istio's founder, is ready to help get your Istio environment to perform.

  • Vulnerability Protection
    Protect against threats using secure Istio images that reduce vulnerabilities and security risks.
  • Industry Expertise
    Get expert advice from Istio founders and leaders via Slack and dedicated enterprise support tickets with guaranteed response times.
  • Long term Support
    We provide support for the latest five validated Istio versions (N-4) across any environments (FedRAMP, EKS, OpenShift, VMs) & chip architectures including ARM.

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Enterprise Technical Support – SLA highlights

UrgentA problem that severely impacts your use of the software in a production environment1 hour
15 minute
HighA problem where the software is functioning but your use in a production environment is severely reduced4 Business Hours
Local Time
2 hours
NormalA problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the software in a production environment or development environment8 Business Hours
Local Time
4 Business Hours
Local Time
LowA general usage question, reporting of a documentation error, or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification24 Business Hours
Local Time
12 Business Hours
Local Time