Your Agenda for September 2020

Speaking of September, we’ve updated the events calendar, with the latest talks at conferences, meetups, and community meetings. If you have an event coming up, you can request a speaker  here and continue the discussion in our community slack — requests for topics always welcome!  If you’re looking for past events, check out our YouTube channel and SpeakerDeck site.


Sept 9 & 23 |OSS Community Meeting | Details

We are expanding what was the bi-weekly community call for Service Mesh Hub to include an update and discussion around all the open source projects here at Same time, same format, and same links. Everyone is welcome to join the community calls to suggest topics, lead discussions, or to listen in — see you online soon!

Details for the community calls:


Sept 10 | Webinar | Register Now

The most frequently asked  question our team gets is  “Can I use a Service Mesh to replace my API management solution?” While the service mesh solves communication challenges between services in a cluster (east/west traffic), there still exists the need to manage the traffic entering and exiting a cluster (north/south traffic), and while complimentary, they are different traffic patterns. Additionally, not all applications are able to run in Kubernetes and service mesh or even as a container.

In this talk we will cover:
* Evolving traffic patterns from the edge/ingress to service mesh
* Envoy as the underlying proxy technology for the modern application network
* Key capabilities of Envoy based networks
* How to incrementally adopt and operationalize across multiple clusters



Sept 15 & 29 | Hoot: Envoy Proxy Series | Set Reminder

This month we wrap up our latest Hoot Livestream series on Envoy Proxy with a two part deep dive in Envoy filters which are how you customize the behavior of the proxy itself.  Examples of filters include things like Rate Limiting, Auth, Security, and Web Application Firewall (WAF) which is a custom filter that the team wrote. Envoy comes with a set of filters out of the box, the ability for users to build their own in C++, and recently has started work to add support for WebAssembly (wasm) so that filters can be written in any language, packaged as a wasm  module, and then deployed to the proxy.


Sept 24  | Service Mesh Workshop | Register

Service Mesh is a hot topic in the cloud-native ecosystem complete with debates on whether or not you actually need it in your environment. Service Mesh solves the service to service communication challenges that arise in microservices architecture and often, application environments span across more than one cluster. See service mesh in action in this new hands-on workshop focused on configuring and simulating use cases for service mesh.

Two sessions available, one each in European and US time zones. Space is limited as this is a live-online, instructor-led and moderated workshop. Additional registrants will be placed on a waitlist and we will open additional sessions based on interest. 

What do you need to join the session? Just a login to Google Cloud (not GKE) and internet access for the duration of the session.

Register today to save your seat.