Webinar Recap: Progressive Delivery with Service Mesh Hub and Flagger

When thinking about service mesh and the evolution of application networking. The architecture itself is one thing, but we should consider what this new abstraction provides us when thinking about how we can use it as a control point or way to deliver new capabilities to an application environment.

What is service mesh? And what can we do with it?

ICYMI — this week the Solo.io team and Weaveworks teamed up for a webinar to highlight one specific example of how service mesh can enable safer application deployments through progressive delivery.

Service Mesh is an abstraction layer that separates the application network (operational code) from the business logic. Progressive Delivery is the ability to do incremental rollout of changes to your system that optimizes for reducing risk and limiting “blast radius” of any negative outcomes of your changes.

Check out the recording featuring, Christian Posta and Stefan Prodan showing how Service Mesh Hub by Solo.io and Flagger by Weaveworks simplifies service mesh adoption, operation and enables the automated promotion and analysis of canary deployments.

Watch the recording here


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